Your Sunday Hymn: Battle Hymn of the Republic

A new  interpretation of the patriotic favorite by Page CXVI, “a project started with the idea of making the depth and richness of hymns accessible and known again.” :

If you’re a traditionalist, there’s  always this.

I love both versions.


I’ve joined the Wollfe led Marine team this year for the Project Valour IT fund-raiser. For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be putting up some Marine themed posts, and asking you to donate to a good cause; technology for the wounded.
As Wollfe says, “Do your Duty to Them. Give a bit to Valour IT.”
Click the Linkie-Thingie to donate right Exactly Here.

4 thoughts on “Your Sunday Hymn: Battle Hymn of the Republic

  1. We did this one with photos of a Civil War reenactment and the USN Choir…..

    Oh, by the way, *nudge-nudge*, it’s Valour IT time……
    Semper Fi


  2. For your trivial edification: “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” long known as the Yankee standard, and “Dixie,” always associated with the “Rebs,” were respectively written by a southerner in the north (“Battle Hymn”) and a northerner in the south (“Dixie”).


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