You’re Sunday Hymn: A Touching Place

For the 13th Sunday in Ordinary time, I’ve chosen “A Touching Place,” words/text by John Bell & Graham Maule & music (Dream Angus) traditional Scottish folk tune.

Performed here by Joanne Hogg & David Fitzgerald with the Choir Of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, abd directed by Mervyn Cousins.

This video was filmed at Selby Abbey for a BBC Songs Of Praise special entitled ‘Northumberland’. Sound recording was at ICC Studios, engineer & co-producer was Neil Costello. Also featured on the recording of this BBC Songs Of Praise special: IKOS/Band, who include: Dave Clifton (Vocals/Guitars), David Fitzgerald (Woodwinds & Reeds), Tim Oliver (Keyboards), Nick Beggs (Chapman Stick & Bass) & Terl Bryant (Drums/Percussion).


One thought on “You’re Sunday Hymn: A Touching Place

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