Saturday Movie Matinee: Krauthammer: SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision ‘Is a Huge Loss for Democracy’

Krauthammer: SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision ‘Is a Huge Loss for Democracy’:

PJTV: SCOTUS Handyman: John Roberts Fixes Broken Laws:

Hillary Clinton’s passionate Defense of Traditional Marriage:


PJ Media: Hillary Clinton, Who Opposed Gay Marriage Until 2013, Is Totes ‘Proud’ of Today’s SCOTUS Ruling

Newsmax, Malzberg | Andrew McCarthy discusses Freddie Gray Autopsy Report and the recent SCOTUS rulings:

Interview begins with McCarthy’s take on the Freddie Gray autopsy report:

Krauthammer and Ben Carson on Supreme Court decision to uphold ObamaCare subsidies:

Megyn Kelly, Richard Fowler Engage In Epic Duel Over SPLC’s ‘Women Against Islam’ Hate List:


PJ Media: SPLC Issues Hit List of 12 Conservative Women Who Speak Out Against Radical Islam

NY Times: Right-Wing Extremists More Dangerous Than Jihadis:

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey has a few things to say about that.

Carly Fiorina answers viewers’ questions:

Steve Malzburg Show, Newsmax: Rob Astorino on Socially Engineered Neighborhoods:

Via Right Reason, Obama’s Forced Diversity in Housing Is Not a New Development:

Go to Westchester and read some of the letters and correspondence from HUD to Westchester County. The people must demand that local control of zoning and housing issues remain a local issue.

PJTV: Black Racism Infinitely More Pervasive Than White Racism…

Find out why Bill Whittle thinks Black racists are infinitely more pervasive than white racists… And, hear how Democrats are trying to divide us..

Colin Flaherty: “He aint do no wrong: He just shot a cop. Thassall.”

Dad catches Cougar checking out the Family Cat Through the glass door:

Mom: “Where are the kids?”

Dad: “Out back…”

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