Report: Democrat and Republican Leaders Asked Obama To Leave The Room During Debt Negotiations

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You’ll want to read this entire Hill piece about how John Boehner negotiated the debt deal: How Boehner escaped disaster. It paints a picture of a patient,  unflappable, good-natured and forebearing man not prone to using threats and intimidation even in the face of rebellion within the ranks. While I may not be completely thrilled with the result of his efforts, I have no doubt in my mind that he is a decent man, who operated in good faith in difficult circumstances.

That is more than can be said about the miscreant who currently resides in the White House. His aggressive, and unreasonable approach to negotiations turned off not only his Republican counterparts, but apparently his Democrat allies, as well.

While dealing with the challenges of his own conference, Boehner was also waging battles with the White House and Senate Democrats.

GOP aides and lawmakers, speaking on background, portrayed Boehner as the calm negotiator who repeatedly exasperated President Obama.

Boehner last month asked the networks to televise his response to Obama’s address to the nation, a request which infuriated the White House, Republican sources said.

On July 23, they claim, the White House called Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), telling her not to participate on a call with Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). Pelosi informed Reid, who declined to participate, and the call was canceled, the Republican sources said. (A Pelosi spokesman could not be reached for comment.)

Later that day, the four leaders met with Obama at the White House. At one point, GOP officials said, the Democratic and Republican leaders asked Obama and his aides to leave the room to let them negotiate. 

A tentative deal was subsequently struck, but Obama privately threatened to veto it, the sources said.

That corresponds somewhat with what “White House Insider” had to say a couple of days ago, on what lawmakers were saying about Obama’s role in the negotiations.

The one thing that almost everyone did agree with was how “idiotic”, “moronic”, “pathetic”, “self-serving”, “arrogant”, and “scary” President Obama’s role was during the process.  Those are actual descriptions used against the president, and most of them came from Democrats. Everyone stunned over how little Barack Obama understands about anything.  Told Harry Reid came out of a meeting with Obama over the weekend “visibly shaking” he was so angry at how little the president seemed to care about the process and related details of the agreement, and how flip and dismissive he was toward Senator Reid.  “Just get something for me to sign Harry…”  The primary concern of the Obama White House was the possibility of the debt ceiling issue carrying forward into the 2012 election cycle.  The president and his people made that abundantly clear to anyone who would listen time after time after time.  

Today, Captain “Don’t Call My Bluff” Kick-A$$ is celebrating his 50th birthday in Chi-town in that huge birthday-bash/fundraiser he’s throwing for himself. Have you ordered your $150 Obama Birthday Host Pack, yet? No? (Update: Obama birthday pack page now gone – wonder if they sold any?)…
Perhaps a more palatable alternative for those of you in the Chicago area would be the “Jobs Bash” which has been organized  to counter  Obama’s Birthday Bash.

Publius Forum has the particulars:

WHAT: President Obama plans to celebrate his big 50th birthday this Wednesday at the historic Aragon ballroom on Chicago’s north side with additional satellite fundraisers being held around the country. But the President may be in for another unexpected surprise: A “Jobs Bash” just steps away from the upscale fete in his honor.

On Sunday’s premiere of “The Victory Sessions” with Stephen Bannon on TalkRadio 790 KABC and streamed live with Larry O’Connor, editor-in-chief of , “Tea Party Report” contributor William J. Kelly issued a call for people – conservative, independent, and tea party supporters and leaders – to come to Chicago for the President’s birthday and have a “jobs bash” of their own.

“Barack Obama is only concerned about one job and that is his own. He is in town for a birthday fundraiser after sending a debt limit deathblow to American businesses,” said Kelly.

To that end, Kelly is helping to organize the first Tea Party “Jobs Bash: 2011.” He is calling on the unemployed and the underemployed to come out and bring their resumes and business cards to “Job Bash 2011” and call on the President to own up to the high U.S. unemployment figures – currently at 9.2 %.

WHERE: The Green Mill (across from the Aragon Ballroom)
4802 North Broadway Street
Chicago, Illinois

WHEN: Wednesday, August 3, 2011 — Jobs Bash” reception begins at 3pm.

Forget it, WHD’s  Keith Koffler says – won’t work:Who wants to hire a bunch of terrorists?

Of course, no one likes to hire terrorists, unless the company is specifically in the terrorism business, so my thought is this is really just an attempt to RUIN the president’s birthday party.

But it will never work. Since there will be terrorists on hand, the Transportation Security Administration will be out in force to take everyone’s clothes off, making it even more difficult for the terrorists – I’m sorry, Tea Partyers – to get hired.

More than 97 percent of people who get jobs, according to a recent Pew Survey, have their clothes on during the job interview.

“This is a big f*cking deal,” said Joe Biden, who recently coined the term “terrorists” for Tea Party members. “If they try to enter during the piñata breaking event, in which I plan to participate, I’ll stop whacking the piñata, start whacking the terrorists, and then go back to whacking the piñata.”

Several Tea Party activists contacted said they were really scared.


Video: Brian Terry: Semper Fidelis & Honor First

Brought to you by The Committee on Government Oversight and Reform:

WASHINGTON, DC – House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) today released a video – “Brian Terry: Semper Fidelis & Honor First” – to honor U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who lost his life on December 15, 2010 after being shot in the line of duty in Rio Rico, AZ. Chairman Issa introduced the Brian A. Terry Memorial Act of 2011 last week to rename the Bisbee, AZ Border Patrol station in honor of Agent Terry.


Where do we find such men?


In December 2010, Agent Terry was shot and killed while on patrol 14 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border near Rio Rico, Ariz., during an armed confrontation with suspected criminals. Prior to joining the U.S. Border Patrol, Agent Terry served in the U.S. Marine Corps and served as a police officer in Michigan.

Agent Terry’s murder is linked to Operation Fast and Furious, a reckless program where federal law enforcement agencies knowingly allowed the trafficking of illegally purchased weapons into Mexico, arming drug cartels. The Oversight and Government Reform Committee is conducting an ongoing investigation to determine which U.S. officials are responsible for creating and authorizing the deadly program.