How The White House Plans To Politicize The 10th Anniversary of 9/11

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According to a set of guidelines the White House is disseminating to federal agencies and overseas embassies, instead of commemorating the victims of the 9/11 attack, and honoring the heroic first responders, the focus on the 10th anniversary of that fateful day, will be on national service (like say, OFA), and Obama himself – his leadership team and his nation.

JammieWearingFool read through the lines of the NYT’s story for Human Events:

First responders aren’t even invited to participate in ceremonies this coming September 11 and instead it appears as if the primary focus of 9/11 will be paying tribute to Barack Obama​ while downplaying the terrorism threat facing us.

Members of the clergy will also not be allowed, but that was Mayor Bloomberg’s call.

So what’s left?

The White House in recent days has quietly disseminated two sets of documents. One is framed for overseas allies and their citizens and was sent to American embassies and consulates around the globe. The other includes themes for Americans here and underscores the importance of national service and what the government has done to prevent another major attack in the United States. That single-page document was issued to all federal agencies, officials said.

And even more nauseating:

After weeks of internal debate, White House officials adopted the communications documents to shape public events and official statements, and they sought to strike a delicate balance between messages designed for these two very important but very different audiences on a day when the world’s attention will be focused on President Obama, his leadership team and his nation.

Weeks of internal debate? Huh? It appears these folks have spent more time figuring out how to prop up Obama than Obama and his people have spent on their long-awaited so-called jobs plan. But what’s particularly galling is the part where they note the world’s attention will be focused on President Obama, his leadership team and his nation.

The only question is, how many me, myself and I’s will be mentioned in his speech? He may actually shatter his old record of  800 per paragraph. Oh, and how many times will he refer to his gutsy call?

Hey, and maybe if the lighting is just right –  another gorgeous halo will form around his head – and maybe if he’s able to get through the speech with a minimum of stutters and snafus,  they’ll use the speech for Obama’s Gutsy Call movie the one set to be released in October of  2012.

You know what’s funny? (Not really).

Just last night, two notorious progressive sh*t for brains morons, Keef and Kos, were ruminating bitterly about how Republicans used 9/11 as a “political opportunity.”

The reason, according to Moulitsas, is “because they were able to take that and use it to stifle their domestic critics, push through a radical agenda, try to silence anybody who opposed him [Bush].”

Uh huh. I’ve dealt with this so many times…. It never happened.

It enraged them to no end that a Republican was the President at that traumatic and historic moment, and he rose to the occasion.

“It essentially won him another term in 2004 based on 9/11 because he wasn’t popular on any other matter. So, for Republicans, even today, 9/11 is the gift that keeps on giving. The fact that 3,000 people died is incidental to them. They don’t care about that. What was there was a political opportunity and he took it.”

You see what I mean about “left-wing projection”, people? See. what. I. mean?


Video: Rick Perry On The Sean Hannity Radio Show

The Republican frontrunner, Rick Perry, was interviewed by Hannity on his radio show, this afternoon.

In part one, Hannity asks the TX governor (and  former Air Force pilot) about the meme libs are pushing that he’s “dumb”. Perry correctly responds that those are the same old attacks they did against Reagan. From there, he talked about his impressive job creation record in Texas.

Via HotAirPundit:

Hat tip: Brian B.

Watch part two at HotAirPundit.

Video: CBC Travels The Country Spreading Racial Division; Declaring War on Tea Party

Throughout August, the Congressional Black Caucus traveled to five US cities to hold town halls as part of their “For the People” Jobs Initiative tour.

Maxine Waters, D-CA, Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo, John Conyers, D-Mich., Hansen Clarke, D-Mich., and Gregory Meeks, D-N.Y and others participated in the initiative which it turns out, took on a very toxic and accusatory tone. Perhaps to deflect blame for the bad economy away from the the President, they went after the tea party with reckless abandon, alluding to Jim Crow laws, and accusing them of wanting to see blacks “hanging from a tree”.

Naked Emperor News’s Pam Key collected some of their most egregious statements in a truly distressing compilation video for The Blaze.


Guy Benson at Town Hall sums up very well:

Serving up a flippant “new tone” quip here wouldn’t come close to doing this clip justice.  Conservatives are often accused of employing secret, subtle “dogwhistles” to (supposedly) appeal to their ideological kin’s baser instincts.  This video depicts elements of the CBC openly — even gleefully — stirring up racial tensions, without any pretense of subtlety, and with zero apparent hesitation.  It’s disgraceful.

It’s also dangerously irresponsible considering the shocking increase in recent months of violent black mobs sweeping the US.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they’re trying to incite a race war.


Duane Lester, All American blogger has some ideas about what’s going on, here: Is the Congressional Black Caucus Purposely Creating and Aggravating Racial Divide for Violent Resistance?

The man who penned the plan advised Obama’s campaign and one of the men who spoke at a socialist conference is today a member of the caucus stirring up anger over possible entitlement cuts.

In fact, Conyers is listed as a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, as is Rep. Andre Carson, the member of the CBC who said Tea Party members wanted to see black Americans hanging from trees. There are other members of the CBC who are listed as members of the DSA.

Is it really that far of a stretch to say members and/or allies of an organization that sponsored conferences where strategies like Dreier’s were proposed and discussed, people who are by all means communist sympathizers, could be trying to intentionally stir up members of a particular class for violent resistance? Especially when the man who came up with the plan was an adviser to the President who helped create the fiscal crisis?

At the very least, they want to create a climate where the idea of cutting back on anything is so dangerous that it would not be considered. This rhetoric is not designed to create rational dialogue, but to enrage people to the point of irrational action. Mental images of lynchings are not used to compel someone to discuss the finer points of fiscal policy. They are created to instill hatred.

I know it sounds conspiratorial, even tin foil hattish, but you have to consider the fact that socialists have discusses the idea of transitional reform for decades and now it appears America is nearing the endgame of that plan.  The Congressional Black Caucus is actively trying to create a population angry enough to “turn on its capitalist masters when they propose cutbacks to restore fiscal balance.” It might not be for outright socialist revolution, but it’s not out of the question.

See also my post from January of this year: Video: Lots of Lefties Calling For Revolution

And this Moonbattracker post: Reminder: Left-Wing Protests Planned For Wall Street and DC This Fall

Connect the dots.


Doug Ross wants to see Carson censored.

The tactics of Alinsky and Hitler and Farrakhan and Axelrod must be exposed for what they are.

Carson’s rhetoric isn’t simply hateful: it’s dangerous. It sets the stage for violence and unrest. Even if only one person takes Carson’s lies seriously, a terrible set of consequences can result. His lies are beyond the pale; they are unacceptable behavior for a member of Congress.

The House of Representatives must not let him get away with this behavior.

Call Speaker John Boehner at (202) 225-6205 and tell him that the Anti-Martin Luther King, Jr. — Rep. Andre Carson — must be censured by the House.

HotAirPundit: Herman Cain Responds To Andre Carson’s Comment: “It Was Despicable, Disgusting and Desperate…They Have Taken The Race Card To a New Low” (Video)

Hat tip: Brian B.


Video: Human Flying

Meet Jeb Corliss, professional BASE jumper, skydiver, and wingsuit flyer.

Wingsuit flyer? Who ever heard of such a thing? If you haven’t heard of it, you will be amazed:

Holy crap, I guess I need to watch the Discovery Channel, more, because I didn’t know there were people doing this.

More about Corliss via Wikipedia:

Jeb Corliss is co-founder of 3 Triple 7, a clothing label.[2]

He was also the original host of the Discovery Channel series Stunt Junkies, appearing in 13 episodes, but was fired by Discovery as a result of his arrest (below).

Jeb is currently working on a plan to jump out of a helicopter with his wing suit and land without a parachute.[3]

I hope not. After seeing how fast he goes, I can’t see how that ends well…


In April 2006, Jeb Corliss attempted to BASE jump off the observation deck of the Empire State Building, while wearing a camera, but was restrained by building security and arrested by the NYPD. As a result, Corliss received 3 years probation and 100 hours community service,[1] which was at one point overturned by a Manhattan state judge on the basis that Corliss “was experienced and careful enough to jump off a building without endangering his own life or anyone else’s”.[4] This sentence was affirmed in January 2009.[5] Corliss was later permanently banned from setting foot in the Empire State Building.[6]

Hat tip: @MelissaTweets.