Tea Party Groups To Tour Wisconsin In Support Of Republicans Facing Recall Elections

This should be interesting, given how popular the tea party is with the Democrat Media Complex at the moment, and how closely Wisconsin’s left wing unions and activists work with the party.

Via Conservatives 4 Congress,

CNN reports:

Two of the nation’s prominent tea party groups will merge for a Wisconsin bus tour in support of six Republican state senators facing recall elections.

Tea Party Nation and Tea Party Express will kick off their four-day “Restoring Common Sense” tour Friday, holding rallies in multiple cities and defending Republicans who supported Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial bill that curbed collective bargaining rights for state employees earlier this year.

“The tea party stands for fiscal responsibility, and Republican Senators in Wisconsin stood firm for those principles,” said Amy Kremer, chair of Tea Party Express. “Now they are under attack for doing the job they were elected to do. It is critical that we support and defend them from these undeserved attacks and in that effort we are proud to be joined by our friends at Tea Party Nation.”

The next round of recalls, scheduled for Aug. 9, is part of a summer long series of elections pitting six Republicans and three Democrats against challengers. An incumbent Democrat already won the first election in July.

If three Republicans can’t keep their seats, then the GOP will lose control of the state legislature and Democrats could be poised to overturn Walker’s budget reforms.

The Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama have been on the ground in Wisconsin for about a month, now, working with Tea Party Express to do rallies in every affected district and rally conservatives to go to the polls.

More about the tour, HERE.

See the new ad and contribute online – HERE.

Two more  ways you can help via Amy Kremer of The Tea Party Express:

1st – For people all across America, if you use Facebook then we urgently need you to go to the Wisconsin Tea Party Express Event Page and RSVP your attendance (even if you can’t physically make it to a rally) to this effort.  And here’s the important point, we then need you to click “Select Guests to Invite” and invite all your conservative, pro-tea party friends to this event so you can help us get the word out and build “buzz” for this effort.  Here’s the link to the Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=212310648820458

2nd – Everyone’s help is needed to help us raise the money to pay for this effort.  Besides the costs of the tour (gas for a tour bus is exorbitantly expensive), we also have to pay for our TV and radio ad campaign to back this effort up.

We’re realistically looking at having to raise $50,000 within this next week.  You can support this effort by making a contribution – HERE.

A commenter at a left-wing Badger State site groused:

There will be a lot of no-good, stinkin’, vile and anti-democratic shenanigans going on in the next week. Expect Breitbart types at the Joe The Bummer/Tea Party tour this weekend, hoping to film someone from the counter rallies screaming obscenities.

Don’t do it. You’ll end up on Youtube.

Lol, yup. Like this unhinged schlub, captured by Rebelpundit at The Madison Tea Party with Sarah Palin. (Psssst: The tea party far outnumbered the protestors, that day, by the way):

Lefty-counter-protesters would do well to take his advice.

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Schedule for Restoring Common Sense Tour: August 5th – 8th:

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Charlie Crist Donates To Allen West’s 2012 Opponent

And not for the first time, either. The term “RINO” is too good for this guy:

Former Gov. Charlie Crist certainly has plenty of friends and enemies across Florida, but we now know who he’s a fan of in the 2012 elections: congressional candidate Patrick Murphy.

Murphy — a Democrat who’s touted having the highest fundraising totals of any congressional challenger in the current election cycle — is the most recent recipient of Crist’s cash since Sen. John McCain’s unsuccessful presidential bid in 2008.

According to Murphy’s filings with the Federal Election Commission, Crist has given two $1,000 checks to the Murphy campaign committee — one at the end of March, the other at the end of June.

Murphy announced his candidacy last March, calling West a “right-wing extremist”:

“I’m not going to stand by while right-wing extremists like Allen West divide us,” Murphy said.

Murphy — a CPA and vice president of Coastal Environmental Services, an affiliate of Coastal Construction — is billing himself as a public-spirited businessman and one of the nation’s “Green Contractors.”

Murphy was registered “Republican” until January, 2011 as The Shark Tank reported on June 22:

As a followup to our piece on Democrat candidate for Congress Patrick Murphyand his campaign disclosure problems, a subsequent search of the Miami Dade Supervisor of Elections records shows that Murphy was a registered Republican in Miami-Dade county from 2004 up until January of 2011 and he cast his vote in the 2010 elections as a registered Republican.  Murphy changed his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat mere months ago- on January 10, 2011, according to the Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections.

Murphy is running for Congress in Congressional District 22, which spans over both Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Murphy is now a resident and registered voter  in Broward County, but interestingly enough, he is not eligible to vote within the county according to the Broward Supervisor of Elections.

It is possible that Murphy has conflicting voter registration information in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties that is preventing him from being eligible to vote in the county where he currently resides.

Hat tip: Charles B.

The Latest On Fast and Furious: DOJ Doubles Down – Promotes ATF Honchos In Charge Of Gunwalker

William McMahon

In a move that clearly suggests that the DOJ plans to double-down in its cover-up and whitewash of Fast and Furious, their disastrous gunwalking mega-scandal with a body count, they’ve promoted Former ATF Special Agent in Charge, Phoenix Field Division; William McMahon to ATF Deputy Assistant Director for Field Operations. This promotion, among others, is being seen by whistle-blowers within the ATF as an attempt to charge “full speed ahead on its defense-slash-deflection of Gunwalker.”  And ominously for whistle-blowers,it appears that some of the people directly responsible for this project are now in a positions to “slit their throats.”

Clean-up ATF.Org is a forum where anonymous ATF agents share information and compare notes, an absolute treasure-trove of information for people following this trainwreck. A regular poster who goes by the handle “old school” posted this warning to fellow members at the site:

 I think management may have indeed already learned who some of us anonymous members are. I have no doubt computer hacks have been assigned to discover our identities. I am no tech guy but I know lots of things can be done. It would not surprise me for illegal methods to be used in this endeavor also. I have had received some very unusual comments from some managers lately, comments that were a little too close and too coincidental to my posts. I feel completely confident and comfortable with my postings but we know how the retaliation works. Revenge is a dish best served cold, right?

His post on the shocking  staff changes:

George Gillett is slated to be named as the ATF Liaison to the United States Marshall’s Service. Another poor decision with a magnitude of idiocy that is nearly incomprehensible. He is universally disrespected, has a documented history of failed management and discipline and was a leading proponent of Fast and Furious. He will ruin whatever is left of ATF’s relationship with the USMS.

McMahon in essence received a promotion. ATF’s OPRSO (Internal Affairs) is the highest level of integrity review in the Bureau. They have given the keys to that car to a person who has displayed self-admitted incompetence and refused any accountability for Fast and Furious beyond an admission that he did not review reports closely enough on the case. He has no integrity but now he will be judging everyone else’s. Plus, he has supervised and protected SAC John Torres for years, one of ATF’s biggest criminals. Prepare for the already low esteem of IA to sink deeper regardless of how well Chait props him up (see below).

David Voth was promoted to the Chief of the Tobacco Program after he extorted the agents in his group by giving them the ultimatum of going along with his plan to run guns into Mexico or leave ATF for another job.

Mark Chait who was instrumental in Fast and Furious and Castaway is the guy making these promotions and announcing them in a way where he praises McMahon in his new position (from Chait’s email), “I would also like to extend the same thanks to Bill [McMahon] for his leadership and work with the Western Region field divisions and IAO. While we will miss his guidance in FO, I know he will take the same professionalism and dedication he has shown us and direct that into his new position at OPRSO.”

Julie Torres who was asleep at the wheel during Castaway will remain in her spot and, she was overheard stating her intention to get to the bottom of CleanUpATF and ask DOJ to investigate the anonymous participants.

Good luck with that Jules. 1) Whistleblowers are given the privilege of being anonymous and, 2) there is a document called the Constitution and its First Amendment is the Freedom of Speech.

Even in the midst of our agencies biggest crisis in history Chait and his people can’t even do the wrong thing right. He is dangerous in his arrogance that he can make statements like that and moves like he has in the face of his involvement in F&F.

Given the recent promotions, Bill Newell should soon be Director. Being on the verge of a perjury indictment won’t dissuade Chait and Melson’s clowns. If Newell isn’t indicted quickly then DOJ better pardon the convictions of Bernie Maddoff, Scooter Libby, Kwame Kilpatrick, Marion Jones and Barry Bonds. They were all recently convicted of perjury. How can a federal agent not be held to the same standard of any other American? Maybe because he is covering for his bosses and that buys him some grace from DOJ and Eric Holder. That’s the only thing I can come up with.

At Sipsey Street Irregulars, Mike Vanderboegh is digging into the background of former ATF Special Agent in Charge, Phoenix Field Division, Bill Newell’s White House contact,  Kevin O’Reilly.  He describes the info coming his way as “anecdotal yet useful” in Sipsey Street Exclusive: The O’Reilly Factor. The Obama “political Rasputin” who just happened to be emailing “Gunwalker Bill” Newell:

Typical, and reinforced by other accounts except on one major point, is this from a source with long government experience:

O’Reilly is a very left-wing operator. Has wide and long contacts with the “CHANGE” gang, Axelrod and Emanuel. . . (He is) a “One World” true believer, who has in the past three years, become close to U.S. Amb. to U.N. Susan Rice. This gives him an entree to the scab-suckers @ U.N.

The fact that he is in the N.S.C. is very troubling. The fact that he has so much juice … is dangerous !

He has John Donilan’s ear… which makes him the political Rasputin who gets to whisper the last thing into The N.S.C. Advisor’s ear before he talks to POTUS. He has some long-standing relations with Fmr. CIA’s John Brennan (Now Counter-terrorism Guru @ N.S.C.) but can’t pin it down to a time and place. May have been during the
election run-up in 2008.

He was a player in forcing Adm. Dennis Blair to resign as Director of National Intelligence, I am told. He made a reputation for himself as a very crafty … and clever. A staffer up on the Hill, who has a lot of Juice with left wing crowd.

(MBV Note: Probably refers to O’Reilly’s time as a Pearson Fellow in the office of Illinois Senator Dick Durbin.)

My sources tell me that he was the “MOLE” inside the N.S.C. who pulled the rug out from under the best National Security Advisor we’ve had in a long, long time; Gen. Jim Jones, USMC (Ret). He under-mined the General and was rumored to being the leak
at the White House on some very key matters, such as Troop “Surge” in Afghanistan, the McChrystal mess and the embrace of the Obama-labeled “Arab Spring” bullshit. . .

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Sipsey Street Irregulars ties in the Democratic media complex’s coordinated outrageous smears against the tea party with the “International Gunrunner Regime” in this disquieting post: The International Gunrunner Regime’s devaluing of language in order to devalue their opponents. Preparatory to what, exactly?

…to what do we attribute the Democrats collectivists’ devaluing of words like “Jihad” and “terrorist” when they apply them to their certainly non-violent political opponents? Why do they use, as Klemperer called them, “poison words” when speaking about the Tea Parties?

Klemperer’s book not only documents how the Nazis used words to marginalize, dehumanize and ultimately justify killing their opponents, it also demonstrates that, in the words of the Wikipedia reviewer, “resistance to oppression begins by questioning the constant use of buzzwords.”

The characterization of Tea Party activists as “terrorists” is ludicrous to anyone who knows one in person. Surely, even the people who are using these words must understand how over the top they are when used to describe the blue-haired old ladies who bake cupcakes to raise money for conservative candidates. Don’t they?

Or do they? Something else must surely be going on here.

Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others originate those feelings. — Wikipedia.

Klemperer writes with great irony about the ability of Nazi murderers to ascribe murderous intent to their victims. I rather think that is what is going on here.

Tuesday’s hearing has been posted in it entirety on Youtube. You can watch here, here, and here.

Canadian coverage of the scandal, here.