Outrage!: Obama State Dept Partnering With Unrepentent Domestic Terrorist, Brett Kimberlin?!

Via  The Blaze comes the shocking news that the Obama State Dept may be teaming up with unrepentant domestic terrorist, Brett Kimberlin, the Indiana Speedway Bomber turned Soros-funded “social justice” activist who routinely uses lawfare against bloggers who tell the truth about his past.

Consider the following passage from Kimberlin’s “Justice Through Music” website:

MAY 24, 2012 – JTMP has been a participant in the State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program for 3 years now, where citizens from around the world involved in the arts get to come to America and visit to learn about the role of arts in the US. This year we had visitors that came from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia to see how Justice Through Music Project uses art to raise awareness on issues, and to bring about social change. This year’s contingent had musicians, playwrights, and people involved in art production. We gave them a presentation and showed them many of our musical art videos that deal with politics and issues, while we spoke about how we operate and produce our art videos. We then showed them how we use this art on our website and YouTube channel to raise awareness on an issue to help bring about positive social change.


Below is information on the International Visitor Leadership Program that explains its purpose:

The International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) is the U.S. Department of State’s premier professional exchange program.  Launched in 1940, the IVLP is a professional exchange program that seeks to build mutual understanding between the U.S. and other nations through carefully designed short-term visits to the U.S. for current and emerging foreign leaders.  These visits reflect the International Visitors’ professional interests and support the foreign policy goals of the United States.

Who are considered “international visitors?”:

International Visitors are current or emerging leaders in government, politics, the media, education, the arts, business and other key fields. Over 5,000 International Visitors come to the United States from all over the world each year. Since its inception in 1940, thousands of distinguished individuals have participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program, including 330 current and former Chiefs of State and Heads of Government, thousands of cabinet-level ministers, and many other distinguished leaders from the public and private sectors.

What’s more, the State Department website goes on to explain that these international visitors travel to the U.S. to engage in “carefully designed programs that reflect their professional interests and U.S. foreign policy goals.”

Here’s an example of Kimberlin’s music from his band, Op Critical, a little anti- fracking ditty:

Freakin Frackin by Op-Critical – Protest Music Against Fracking! JTMP.ORG and OC:

http://www.jtmp.org and http://www.op-critical.com present “Freakin Frackin” by Op-Critical, a protest song against “hydraulic fracturing”. Hydraulic fracturing, or “Fracking”, is using over 500 toxic chemicals to shatter rock to extract more natural gas from wells, driving profit up. It pollutes our groundwater and the air and is killing us. It is putting profit over the planet. It is time we ban this toxic practice that is harming our planet.

Please order and watch the DVD “Gasland”, a great documentary about “Fracking”. by filmmaker Josh Fox. Get informed about “Fracking”, and we urge you to contact your representatives and say, “No Fracking Way!”, and join the call for a moratorium and eventual ban of hydraulic fracturing.

Uh? Our State Dept is partnering with this?!

According to Wikipedia,

While the IVLP has no written statement of purpose, Dr. Sherry L. Mueller (President, National Council for International Visitors) has identified at least two goals that have remained consistent since the inception of the program:

  1. Link the foreign leaders with their U.S. counterparts, providing a solid professional experience and in-depth, substantive exploration of key issues and diverse, balanced approaches to these issues.
  2. Enable the visitors to gain a better understanding of the history and heritage of the United States, a better sense of who [Americans] are as a people and what [Americans] value.[2]

I can’t think of a more unbalanced approach to a key issue like fracking, than the video above.

Who else  is Obama’s State Department partnering with? Bill Ayers? Charles Manson? I’m almost afraid to check.


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10 thoughts on “Outrage!: Obama State Dept Partnering With Unrepentent Domestic Terrorist, Brett Kimberlin?!

  1. I don’t understand why Tea Party Christians care more about protecting large corporations and forget about people made ill by abuses by corporations. Perhaps your Bible was written by Koch Brothers and Ayn Rand … certainly don’t see any Jesus characteristics in the Tea Party or this blog site!


  2. Dear Lips,
    Insofar as you haven’t yet learned that corporations are people it is not surprising you do not know much about this blog, the Tea Party or Jesus for that mater.


  3. Just curious – How did that barely coherent comment even relate to the fact that the Obama State Dept is partnering with a violent unrepentant domestic terrorist?


  4. The Republican Party has moved so far to the right that even Reagan would be a Moderate if he was alive and still in politics. – My statement is based on his policies.


  5. The Republican Party has moved so far to the right that even Reagan would be a Moderate if he was alive and still in politics
    Yes, that’s something I hear liberals *cough* I mean lifelong Republicans say all the time.
    Bringing up Reagan in a post about how the State Dept is partnering with a left wing unrepentant domestic terrorist is certainly apropos. Thank you for staying on topic.


  6. Once again, it’s the Obama State Dept. and what do I think? … I think – “the worst”. Little to poor to non-existent MSM coverage of the usual suspects and for the past two years a full assault on conservative bloggers – another story that will never see the front page of a newspaper or the six o’clock news.
    The LEft has moved so far to the left, that their zip code should be somewhere between 101-129 for Moscow.


  7. Pingback: Media Malpractice: Let Us Count the Ways the MSM Has Failed in Recent Weeks – Starting With Brett Kimberlin « Nice Deb

  8. Thank you for staying on topic.

    Just delete his comments (in fact, I thought that’s what we’d already decided to do). It’s his standard drive-by crap.


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