Chaffetz: State Dept Hiding Benghazi Survivors (Video)

Congressman Jason Chaffetz went on the Greta Van Susteren Show, last night with his complaint that the State Department is shielding Americans who survived the deadly attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, from media exposure and congressional inquiry.

As was reported by Breitbart’s Big Peace, “many people forget that there were Americans who survived the Benghazi attack, some of whom were badly injured and are still recovering.”

“My understanding is that we still have some people in the hospital. I’d like to visit with them and wish them nothing but the best but the State Department has seen it unfit for me to know who those people are—or even how many there are,” Rep. Chaffetz said. “I don’t know who they are. I don’t know where they live. I don’t know what state they’re from. I don’t even know how many there are. It doesn’t seem right to me.”

John Lilyea of This Ain’t Hell reported:

I’ve said before that I know someone who is stationed at Landstuhl Hospital in Germany and was in the operation room when casualties from the attack on the consulate in Benghazi arrived there from Libya. This person told me that there were more than 30 casualties that day and the staff at the hospital was pretty busy.

As Chaffetz told Greta, “it’s typical when have people killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and whatnot, their names maybe are held for 48 hours, but we don’t know how many there are, we don’t know what states their from, we don’t know who these families are, and we would like to talk to them.”

Memo to the MSM: Yep, since Fox and the conservative media  is covering this story – you’re off the hook – it’s obviously not a legitimate story – carry on with your coverage of Ann Hathaway’s “devastating” panty-less upskirt scandal.

3 thoughts on “Chaffetz: State Dept Hiding Benghazi Survivors (Video)

  1. Will the Republicans ever realize that they are being played as a bunch of chumps? We are now 90 days out of the event and nobody has gotten any legitimate answers to any serious question that they’ve asked. In fact if the non nomination process of Suzie Rice hadn’t occurred the official administrations position would still be the video as far as I can determine. So nothing has changed and we are not any closer to getting any legitimate answers to Benghazi.

    How has any reasonable investigation taken place by Thomas Pickering or the State Department if the members of Congress can’t seem to be able to locate and question actual witnesses of the occurrence who were at the scene that night? From the very beginning there has been a stench that has surrounded this mess and time hasn’t cleared any of the air some three months later.



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