Gowdy: “Lois Lerner’s ‘Project’ Was To Shut Up Conservative Voices” (Video)

Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News’ Justice with Jeanine Pirro, Sunday night, to talk about last week’s Oversight and Reform Committee hearing with Lois Lerner. As you may recall, Gowdy had confidently predicted that Lerner would testify either last Wednesday or this Wednesday and also suggested that she would be immediately held in contempt of Congress if she didn’t.

“We expected her to testify and I spent the weekend preparing different lines of questions, Gowdy explained. “Then we learned that morning that she would again be invoking her Fifth Amendment privilege again.”

He told Pirro that Lerner seems to have had a change of heart and that it was her lawyer had initiated the email conversation about delaying her testimony by one week.

After the hearing, Lerner’s Lawyer issued a statement saying “there’s no possibility that Miss Lerner would be given a fair opportunity to speak or tell the truth.”

“That’s their excuse for taking the Fifth”, Pirro said. “Does that make sense to you?”

“No, that’s laughable,” Gowdy responded. “She talked to the Dept of Justice which is the one group that can actually put her in jail and she talked to them without any immunity and without any conditions, but she can’t talk to a group of washed up former prosecutors who can’t put her in jail.”

“What does that tell you?” Pirro asked.

“That she’s willing to go behind closed doors and talk to a bunch of DOJ prosecutors that she doesn’t think are gonna -uh- actually prosecute her, but she won’t talk to your viewers or her fellow citizens,” answered Gowdy.  “He (Obama) said there’s not a smidgen of corruption so maybe she knows something the rest of us don’t know.”

Let’s not mince words. The fix is in at Justice. They will find just enough “wrongdoing” (like Hillary’s Accountability Review Board did with Benghazi) to convince the media that they did their due diligence, but not enough to actually get to the bottom of it.

At CPAC, Cleta Mitchell said that they would hire their own private investigators to do a probe of the IRS scandal.

As for what is going to happen next, Gowdy said he believed, “we’re going to have another hearing without her presence and we’re going to try to get our Democrat colleagues to help us get her back to answer our questions.”

If she refuses to testify, Gowdy says they will hold her in contempt of Congress which requires a referral to the executive branch or US Attorney to prosecute her – that’s not going to happen. So we’ll then have to go in front of a federal judge and he can find that she waived her Fifth Amendment right and she’ll have to talk. But that’s going to be months if not years.”

The missing player in all this is the MSM which could if it wanted, put this issue on all of the front pages, putting pressure on the Regime. But  “that’s not going to happen” either.

Gowdy downplayed the drama last week between Chairman Issa and Rep. Cummings. “Well, Chairman Issa has apologized and I think that that apology was warranted – and necessary – and Mr. Cummings tells us that he was simply going to say that “if I can help you get the answers to these questions, let’s find another way to do it, and his way is a proffer – behind closed doors – but still it’s a start.”

After the break, Gowdy talked about the evidence the committee has in their possession that shows more than a smidgen of corruption.

“There are emails from Lois Lerner that says ‘maybe the FEC can save the day,’ Gowdy said. Save the day for whom?! There are emails that she got that said Democrats may be losing the Senate, and her response was, ‘that would be worse than a Republican president.’ There are emails where she said ‘we need a project but we don’t need that project to appear per se political.'”

“And Congressman,” Pirro piped in, “there are emails where she actually uses the Koch brothers’ names…she says, ‘we need to fix this now before the election.”

(Bear in mind, this was before the 2012 election. Senate Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Dingy Harry, and Kay Hagen are all hitting all the same notes about Citizens United and the Koch brothers in 2014.) The Democrat Party is a criminal enterprise.

“What was she talking about there?” Pirro asked. “Shutting up conservative voices,” Gowdy answered without missing a beat. “That is exactly what this is about. She is a card carrying Democrat. She did not want the president to lose, and she did not want the Republicans to take over the Senate.

“The project was to shut up conservative voices,” Gowdy proclaimed.