Kay Hagan’s Brave Fight Against Citizen’s United

The 2014 Democrat playbook requires changing the subject away from the ObamaCare trainwreck (which only involves each and every American’s personal health care) to the all important issues of the Republican War On Women™, the Koch brothers, and Citizen’s United.  Kay Hagen is doing her part to push their narrative with advertisements on Facebook asking for left wing drones to sign their names to her petition to “End Citizens United.”

kay hagen citizens united

At the link, you will find Kay taking a page out of Harry Reid’s dingy book, whining about Karl Rove and the Evil Koch brothers:

Stop Citizens United!

Citizens United opened the floodgates for outside special interest groups, run by the likes of Karl Rove and the Koch brothers, to dominate the conversation around our elections. There’s no transparency. There’s no accountability. And it needs to end.

Urge Congress to reverse the effects of Citizens United.

Members of Congress:

It’s time we put an end to limitless corporate cash in our elections.

It’s time for Congress to end the disastrous effects of Citizens United, and restore accountability and transparency to our campaign finance system.

Signed, [Your Name Here]

As Senator Mitch McConnell explained in a speech before the American Enterprise Institute, last year, “the Citizen’s United court decision was fairly unremarkable.” All it did was allow every corporation in America to participate in the political process like corporations that owned newspaper and television stations could. The decision essentially leveled the playing field so everyone could exercise the same freedom of speech rights. The reason Democrats oppose it is because it brings more conservative players into a domain that the left formerly owned. Left wing “social welfare organizations” like Planned Parenthood and the Sierra Club have been in operation for decades benefitting Democrats.

“They weren’t interested in the integrity of the process – if they were they’d have been just as upset about left wing groups that maintain the privacy of their donors. What they really wanted was a hook – that would allow them to stir up outrage about conservative groups so they could get their hands on the name of the folks that supported them. That’s what this is about. They wanted to get their hands on the names on the folks that supported groups that disagreed with the administration. And then go after them,” McConnell said.

Why is Kay Hagen trying to “stir up outrage” about groups that are as “unaccountable” as the left wing groups that support her? And what does she mean by “disastrous effects of Citizens United?” Disastrous to whom? Her reelection campaign? By “accountability and transparency” does she mean the disclosure of donors so Democrat operatives at the IRS, DOJ, ATF, OSHA etc. can target them?

When Obama slammed the Citizens United decision during the 2010 SOTU it opened the floodgates for the IRS to target Obama’s political adversaries. His minions at the IRS knew what to do, their orders were implicit and perhaps explicit. Hagen should  know she is implicating herself in the ongoing IRS targeting scandal by joining this phony fight.

She seems like a well meaning person – so why is she involving herself in gutter election year politics?

6 thoughts on “Kay Hagan’s Brave Fight Against Citizen’s United

  1. Wait a minnit here. . . . I thought that Citizens United was affirmed by the Supreme Court as “the law of the land and legal”. So how can it be changed except by Executive Fiat?


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