Video: White House Blames Gitmo For Terrorism Throughout the World

In other embarrassing news, today, the White House Press Secretary, as justification for Obama’s policy of releasing terrorists,  blamed Gitmo for the rise of Islamic terror throughout the world.

Closing Gitmo is one of the last things Americans think this administration should be doing to fight terror – especially in light of recent events. But the Obama administration is adamant.

“The prison at Guantanamo Bay continues to inspire violent acts around the globe,” Josh Earnest told reporters at the Daily Briefing, Thursday. “We know that this continues to be an active source of inspiration and recruitment for terrorists. So, this is a very difficult policy problem that has  only been made more difficult by members of the United States Senate who have thrown up obstacles to the presidents’s effort to try to close the prison.”

Via Weasel Zippers:

In other words, it’s all Bush’s fault (as if terrorists were not inspired to attack the United States on any number of occasions prior to the establishment of Gitmo in 2002.)

We used to laugh when we’d hear smelly, basement dwelling creeps from Daily Kos or Democrat Underground make this argument. But now, of course, the left wing lunacy is coming from the *”leader of the free world” and it’s no longer a laughing matter because our national security is at stake.

Earth to Obama: It’s the Islamists’ IDEOLOGY that inspires violent Jihadism throughout the world. It is not Bush’s fault. It is not Gitmo’s fault. It is not America’s fault.

But of course, this administration refuses to put the two words “Islamic” and “Terror” together in a sentence. It’s easier to blame terror on something we did.

Anyway, good luck fighting Islamic terrorism while refusing to admit there’s such a thing as Islamic terrorism. We can see the fruits of your brilliant “strategy” spreading throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa.

*We used to call any American President “the leader of the free world.” But in all honesty, that moniker no longer applies, hence the sneer quotes.


This has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam. But it does appear to be an example of “violent extremism.”

Ace: Saudi Arabia Gives Blogger One Week Respite So That His Whipping Wounds Can Heal; Saudi Arabia Decapitates Woman In the Middle of the Street in Mecca

Someone from the Obama administration really needs to travel to Saudi Arabia and explain true Islam to them because they’re doing it wrong.

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