General Keene: Al Qaeda In Iraq Intercept in 2008 Said, “This War Is Over – We Have Lost”

During his testimony Tuesday before the Senate Arms Services Committee, General Keene said that al Qaeda had quadruped in number under Obama after being defeated in Iraq under Bush..

On the Kelly File, Tuesday night he explained that Islam is spreading at a rapid rate across the Middle East because the Obama administration has “refused to name, identify and be real about the enemy we face.” Time and time again the administration has failed to take action when it could have helped.

In Iraq, Obama managed to snatch defeat out out the jaws of victory. Thanks to the 2007/2008 troop surge, al Qaeda in Iraq (the precursor to ISIS), had given up.

Keene spoke of intercepts of emails from the demoralized jihadists in Iraq to Central al Qaeda in Pakistan in late 2008 that said, “Don’t send any more brothers. This war is over. We have lost.”

“And they said it multiple times in different phrases over 3 or 4 message intercepts that we had, Keene continued. “They had admitted that defeat. They were done.”

(This after Senate Majority Leader Dingy Harry, in his rush to score political points against President Bush in April of 2007, undermined the surge and demoralized American troops by surrendering to al Qaeda on behalf of the United States: “This war is lost and the surge is not accomplishing anything,” the titular head of the Democrat party said as the surge was just getting underway.)

“We pulled the troops out totally in 2011, and a week after the last troops left….the first bombs started to go off in downtown Baghdad,” Keene said.

He continued, “in Libya, we deposed Gadaffi, we had a moderate regime that took over that was friendly to the United States. They wanted one thing from us. ‘Help us produce an effective security force so we can deal with the armed militants. WE REFUSED. As a result of that, they tried to kill a UK Ambassador, they did kill our Ambassador, they burned our consulate to the ground, and killed three others and now they (the radical Islamists)  are dominating Libya in its entirety. We REFUSED to assist them. Imagine that!” Keene exclaimed.

(And the disturbing pattern continues: Tuesday, the Jerusalem Post reported that Obama REFUSED to allow “the resale of US-made military helicopters by Israel to the Nigerian government for its fight against Boko Haram last summer.”)

It seems like the Obama Regime always errs on the side of the militant Islamists, doesn’t it?

Keene continued, “we did the same thing with the Free Syrian Army. When the moderate rebels were in the streets demonstrating against Assad like people were doing in Egypt, Assad came done heavy on them, but the rebels had so many – they gained the momentum.” I think you know the rest of the story. Obama didn’t decide to arm the rebels until they had become overrun with radical Islamists. Then a rat line of weapons flowed from Benghazi, through Turkey and into Syria and eventually into the hands of the Islamic State.

I may have mentioned this before, but – Congress really needs to think about impeaching Obama before he does any more damage.

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5 thoughts on “General Keene: Al Qaeda In Iraq Intercept in 2008 Said, “This War Is Over – We Have Lost”

  1. Reblogged this on hampshire Hog and commented:

    So, let’s be clear: Bush ‘defeated’ A Q, which then increased in size by 4 times under Obama? This is a new and intriguing meaning of a defeat’ – it now means ‘allow to carry on as normal’ apparently. Let’s look at a well known example: Germany was defeated in 1945. Were they allowed to carry on as they had?


  2. Who knew:
    al qaeda was out there stealing Harry Weed and the dimoCrap party talking points? Harry should sue for stealing his talking points, after all he said it on 20 April 2007.

    Who says, they don’t work off the same playbook?


  3. Well – they stole Dingy’s talking points – but in reverse. Dingy declared the war was over, America lost – AQ declared it over because AQ had lost.


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