Horror: Jordanian Pilot Burned Alive

These inhuman monsters apparently continued to negotiate with Jordan for a prisoner swap, even after they had brutally burned to death the Jordanian pilot Lt Kasasbeh.

The video shows him standing in a cage and engulfed in flames. There is no reason to believe it is not authentic – indeed – I’ve been expecting the ISIS mutants to become increasingly unhinged and barbaric as “Operation Whack-a-Mole” ensued.

Via the BBC:

Lt Moaz al-Kasasbeh was captured when his plane came down near Raqqa, Syria, in December on a mission to support the US-led military coalition against IS.

Jordanian state TV confirmed the death and said he was killed a month ago.

The video posted online on Tuesday was distributed via a Twitter account known as a source for IS propaganda.

A relative of Lt Kasasbeh told Reuters news agency that the Jordanian armed forces had informed the family that he had been killed.

The BBC’s Frank Gardner says that the video is clearly intended to shock.

As the British reporter says in the video below, this is “plumbing new depths even by Islamic State’s standards.”

I won’t post pics or video here. This is a Sky News report on the video.

God rest his soul.

White House responds: ISIS Execution of Jordanian Pilot Won’t Affect Plans To Locate American Hostages:

Obama responded with essentially what has become his rote answer to any question about ISIS. Note the use of “global coalition” and his lamo “degrade and defeat” strategy. AKA “whack-a-mole.”

“I think we’ll redouble the vigilance and determination on the part of the global coalition to make sure that they are degraded and ultimately defeated,” Obama said haltingly because there wasn’t a teleprompter around to help him.

We’re going to “redouble our vigilance.” Awesome. That’ll do the trick.

Time to send in the USRNSF.


Via Hot Air Jordan will reportedly prepared to retaliate within hours….

Jordan has promised to execute every ISIS prisoner in its custody if any harm came to their captured pilot. What’s more, the kingdom promised to fast-track the execution of Sajida al-Rishawi, a female suicide bomber on death row for her role in a series of 2005 attacks on Jordanian hotels, whose release ISIS previously demanded.

According to a report, the kingdom is prepared to follow through with this threat. The nation has reportedly transferred all its prisoners to death row in preparation to retaliate for this atrocity.


Gateway Pundit: 

King Abdullah from Jordan met with the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee today after ISIS released its video.

The Daily Beast: Barbarians Burn Pilot Alive: ISIS Will Never Release A Living Prisoner

A statement posted in the middle of this montage, coming shortly after the horrific immolation, says: “On this occasion, the Islamic State announces a reward of 100 gold dinars to whoever kills a crusader pilot. The diwan for state security has released a list containing the names of Jordanian pilots participating in the campaign. So, good tidings to whoever supports his religion and achieves a kill that will liberate him from hellfire.” Such is the reward, apparently, for assassins.

King Abdullah clearly is undeterred. He arrived in Washington on Tuesday where his government signed a new memorandum of understanding with the United States upping support payments from $600 million a year to $1 billion a year.

Meanwhile some unconfirmed reports out of Amman suggest that several prisoners with connections to ISIS, including the woman whose freedom it demanded, will be executed in short order.

In what is likely to be a long war, more such incidents can be expected. What is unlikely is that any government will take seriously from now on overtures by ISIS to ransom or otherwise negotiate the release of prisoners.

Weasel Zippers: Breaking: ISIS Has Burned 2 Iraqi Soldiers Alive For Being In Iraqi Army

The Diplomad: “Whatever Ideology They’re Operating off of is Bankrupt”

Obama conveys zero empathy or concern for the victim or family, just a bored and bloodless recitation of a string of words, and the kicker, wherein he says that this act shows that “whatever ideology they’re operating off of is bankrupt.”


3 thoughts on “Horror: Jordanian Pilot Burned Alive

  1. It would be nice if in addition to his sternly worded warning, Obama would launch a retaliatory strike specifically in reference to this horrific murder.

    Drop copies of the video, followed by napalm or a MOAB air fuel bomb, drop leaflets to the effect: “Any questions?”

    See if they learn the lesson.

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  2. uhbama would love nothing more than to keep on talking, but as he does we keep getting our collective clocks cleaned. These people don’t want to talk, they want to kill infidels and rule the world. . . .starting with either us or the Jews.

    If Jordan falls like the rest of the Arab Spring countries, there will be a severe price to pay. They are a very moderate country and the King is very friendly towards us. They are dealing with a bad refugee problem and the threat of isis starting trouble. Mainly because they are cooperating with us.

    I’m not holding my breathe counting on this guy doing anything significant to change the direction of what’s going on. Hopefully we just manage to survive till the next one takes over.

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