Rudy Doubles Down: Refuses To Apologize For Anti-Obama Comment, Repeats It

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was feisty on “The Kelly File” Thursday night,  doubling down on his comment that Barack Obama does not love America.

Via Fox News:

Megyn Kelly asked Giuliani: Do you want to apologize for your comment?

“Not at all, I want to repeat it,” he said, charging Obama with apologizing for America and criticizing the country.

Kelly pressed Giuliani, noting that Obama could view foreign policy through a Democratic lens. “But to condemn his patriotism, to question his love of America?” she asked.

“I don’t hear from him what I heard from Harry Truman, what I heard from Bill Clinton, what I heard from Jimmy Carter, which is these wonderful words about what a great country we are, what an exceptional country we are,” Giuliani said.

He stressed, “I’m right about this. I have no doubt about it. I do not withdraw my words.”

Giuliani went on to make the case in even stronger terms than he did before, evoking Obama’s Commie grandparents, Frank Marshall Davis, and Obama’s 17 year stint in Rev. Jeremiah (G*d Damn America) Wright’s church. (It really seems like Giuliani’s been researching Obama’s background – especially the disturbing early years.)

“Now, if you were in that church, wouldn’t you quit that church?” Giuliani asked Megyn – who was either in major devil’s advocate mode, or being pretentiously PC. “Would you have quit that church?” he persisted.

“Well, it’s not about me,” Megyn dodged.

“But I know you would quit that church,” Rudy declared. “And the reason you would is because of the way you were brought up – about how exceptional this country is… how wonderful this country is…”

In an attempt to prove Rudy’s hypocrisy, Megyn showed an old video of him on Hannity railing against the infamous MoveOn “General Betray-Us” ad which Giuliani found appalling and uncivil at the time.

“I ask you the same thing,” Megyn said, “what kind of civility was that?” – referring to Rudy’s comments about Obama.

“I think that was perfectly civil,” Giuliani insisted. “I think it’s a reasonable opinion…”

(It’s not only a ‘reasonable” opinion – it’s a necessary opinion. For six years now, this president has been hellbent on knocking the country down a peg. It’s time he was knocked down a peg.)

“I do not withdraw my words,” Giuliani concluded.

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3 thoughts on “Rudy Doubles Down: Refuses To Apologize For Anti-Obama Comment, Repeats It

  1. I think Megyn set out to prove she is a hard knuckle and balanced interviewer. She kept trying to pin Rudy down or more like back off. He would have none of it. He stood his ground and on a couple of incidents kinda looked foolish trying to do it.

    I absolutely stand with Rudy and have been proclaiming the same charges for years now. It’s about time that a high profile politician did the same. </b.

    When boy wonder challenged the patriotism of George Bush, there wasn’t a peep out of anyone. Just a reminder:

    Of course, boy wonder entered office and doubled the debt all by himself. More than all the previous Presidents combined. So spare me the faux outrage and indignity. This clown grow up his entire life surrounded by, and learned at the heels of more communists than I ever heard of.

    So let me be cleared. . . .the Prez is not only unpatriotic, he is unAmerican, he is a socialist, communists, he is a huge part of a fifth column that is undermining our Constitutional form of government and Law. He is a muslim sympathizer and most likely one himself.

    Rudy is absolutely right and nailed it, in fact he probably went light on him.

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