Report: Jeb Bush Bussed Supporters into #CPAC2015 to Cheer Him



Around mid-day Friday when dozens of people started streaming into the Potomac Ballroom at CPAC,  I assumed that it was in anticipation of Rand Paul’s speech. There are always a lot of young Republicans/Libertarians at CPAC and they love the Pauls. But what I was witnessing possibly, was the arrival of the Bush Brigades.

Slate reported, via Gateway Pundit, 

It sounds like Jeb Bush’s supporters are taking CPAC pretty seriously this year. Emails provided to Slate show that backers of the former Florida governor are busing supporters from downtown Washington D.C. to CPAC in National Harbor, Maryland, and organizing to get them day passes into the event.

One of the emails that went out this morning was from Fritz Brogan, a former advance man for then-President George W. Bush who (per the Washington Post) co-hosted a fundraiser for Jeb’s Right to Rise PAC earlier this month. A Bush insider confirmed to Slate that Bush’s Right to Rise PAC is helping organize the transportation.

“We strongly recommend arriving as early as possible to get a seat,” wrote Brogan in an email sent to undisclosed recipients. “Our ‘Early Rise’ team will be there at 7:30am onward helping reserve seats- if you want to join the early team, let me know.”

During Sean Hannity’s talk, Friday morning, he conducted an impromptu straw poll by calling out the names of all of the candidates, and encouraging their supporters to applaud. Judging from the huge ovation Rand Paul received, he was the top choice.  Scott Walker came in a close second. But the names Chris Christie and Jeb Bush when called out by Hannity, inspired nothing but loud boos.

By Jeb Bush’s speech at around 2:00 in the afternoon, the room had filled with Jeb Bush supporters and had been transformed into a pro-Bush venue.

Here’s Jeb’s speech. It wasn’t half bad to be honest.



One thought on “Report: Jeb Bush Bussed Supporters into #CPAC2015 to Cheer Him

  1. I was looking forward to your account of the Jeb speech Deb. Thanks for all the great first hand accounts of the activities at CPAC.

    I was surprised at first the Jeb accepted a invitation to address CPAC. I thought it was gutsy of him to do it. I was taken back by the reaction of the audience when he answered the immigration questions. It was a fairly mixed reaction, which I didn’t expect. Within a very short time I immediately suspected that there was a “loaded audience”, just from the reactions of the audience on those questions.

    I wasn’t impressed at all with the Q&A responses. He is still sticking with the basics and only slightly modified some of the positions. I also don’t believe Rubio’s recent conversion and enlightenment. When he made his rounds around the Talk Radio circuit, {pushing the gang of 8 Bill} he was warned time after time by the Hosts and Audiences that he was being used by the likes of McLame, Ms Lindsey, Schmucky and the likes. He refused to admit it and staked his reputation and career on his position.

    I, for one intend to hold him to that standard. A standard he set himself by his own actions and words. He is dead to me. I don’t believe in his “born again” revival and awakening. He is known for playing both sides during his career down in Florida. I think he is positioning himself for the number 2 slot with his BFF Jebby. There was little or no differences between Rubio’s {Schmucky’s} Gang of Eight Bill and Jeb’s immigration proposals.

    Here is the Comprehensive Immigration Reform we all need:

    Enforce the current laws!
    Secure the Borders and Ports of Entry
    Use “e-verify”
    Enforce the provisions and fines in the 1986 Simpson – Mazzoli law
    Shut down ALL Social Services to illegal immigrants {No Section 8, No Food . . . . . . . . . .Stamps, No Cash Benefits, No Schooling or Medical Benefits}
    Immediately deport anyone with a criminal record {at our expense}
    Establish a Guest Worker Program for anyone NOT already here.
    End Birthright Citizenship and return to the original intent of the 14th Amendment
    Severely cut back on “Chain Migration”

    I figure this would be about a 3 or 4 page Bill, short and sweet. Most will “self deport” on their own. The rest can be our guest for a return ticket. It all worked back when President Eisenhower did it.

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