Judge Jeanine: The Real Hero In Washington Needs Our Support

Judge Jeanine’s opening statement Saturday night was a change in form for her. Instead of reaming Barack Obama (or Hillary, or some other vile Democrat) for seven straight minutes, she defended the integrity of a man she knows and obviously has deep admiration for – FBI Director James Comey.

His name has come up on her show in the past, during discussions about the Clinton email investigation, which she has maintained is being conducted by the FBI in a non-partisan and above board manner.

On Saturday night’s Justice, Pirro ran through a number of clashes Comey’s had with Obama for the past year – some of which – was news to me.

On October 22, he went before Congress to say terrorists were getting in with refugees, weeks before Administration officials defended the refugee vetting system as “robust.”

In July, he raised concerns before Congress that law enforcement tools to fight terrorism were “increasingly ineffective.”

Pirro said that politics play no role in Comey’s work.

She got to know him when he was U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

“He is not only brilliant. He is honest, hard working and comes from a long line of law enforcement … And Mr. President, you need to let this man do his job.”

There’s more, and it’s all good to know:

Pirro also tackled a story broken by Fox News, last week.

A DHS Whistleblower claims that an investigation he was working on at the National Targeting Center was halted by the State Department because the targeting of radical mosques was “problematic.” The mosque in question was the one in Riverside Ca that was attended by San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook.


PJ Media: DHS Whistleblower Says His Investigation Could Have Prevented San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

PJ Media: Deobandi Butchery in San Bernadino: 1977 Roots of the Jihad



18 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine: The Real Hero In Washington Needs Our Support

  1. I totally agree with the Judge about Comey, but for the fact that he was heading the FBI there is no doubt in my mind this incident would’ve been swept under the carpet like so many other situations.

    I also believe it gave General Abrams some backbone when he made his decision on Bergdahl facing a General Courts Martial. All the others caved to save their political asses and make the Promotion list, including General Miley who took Odierno’s position. How convenient?

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  3. Comey is undoubtedly trying to do his job, but in the end, the fact remains; either he follows Obama and Queen Bee Jarrett’s orders or he will have to ‘resign.’ Obama has a signed, undated letter of resignation on file from every one of his appointees.

    Same thing happened to Chuck Hagel after he had as epiphany on what an important ally Israel was and began working and cooperating with them instead of against them.

    Hagel was canned for shipping arms to Israel via the Pentagon (the usual procedure) during the Gaza War and Obama had a tantrum that it hadn’t been cleared by him first. Not only did he fire Hagel but he became the first US president since Israel became an ally in 1970 to ever cut off arms shipments to them during a shooting war.

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  6. Hagel was fired because he is a genetically flawed dope with a long history. It’s what happens to people {rino”s} who play both sides of the fence thinking that “we all can get along with dems”. Being a 11B E-5 in Vietnam isn’t a qualifier for Defense Secretary and neither is any of his political resume. His confirmation hearing was the only evidence anyone needed to know that, some of us knew it before hand. The broohaha that got Hagel to walk was over the release of Club Gitmo prisoners, obozo wanted them out and Hagel for once stood on principle and refused to go along with him.

    There is no doubt they have a leash on Comey, as evidenced by the AG accompanying him at the Press Conference for the announcement of the terrorist attack. That {the press conference} would’ve never happened except for the fact that Comey forced the issue. We all now know that all the other Agencies were being told to diminish and cover up the facts, Comey didn’t. Even the Intel community has had enough of getting beat over the head and blamed for shit, they have slowly broken ranks and starting to speak out exposing “Boy Wonder” for what he really is. . . a empty suit, with a anti-American agenda.

    Hillary must have a awful lot of sleepless nights with her current investigation and Comey at the helm. Hope she has a collection of orange jump suits in her closet sitting alongside all of the skeletons. If Lynch or the White House tries another cover up over Hillary, there is no telling what Comey will do. . . . but I’ve got my popcorn ready for the show.

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  15. Unfortunately, all Comey can do is recommend to the USAG that Hillarious be indicted and prosecuted. That means the USAG, Lynch, would have to go past marching orders from Zero to bring action against the only Dim in the presidential race who has a chance to win next year.

    That just ain’t gonna happen. It’s more important to Zero to keep this country headed toward self-destruction than to give its citizens an honest government.

    ‘Course, that doesn’t preclude the details of his investigation being “leaked” to the media by “unnamed officials not authorized to talk about the investigation” (many of whom will choose to ignore it until the public outcry gets too loud)

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