Possible Terrorist Threat in Southern Arizona

KOLD News 13 out of Tucson, AZ has obtained an FBI urgent report outlining a possible terrorist attack in southern Arizona, naming specifically, Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista.

The document gives no timetable or explanation of how the threat will be carried out. But does say, “a group of Iraqis may have entered the United States through tunnels from Mexico into Arizona,” and those same “Iraqis are believed to be the ones who will perpetrate the attack on Fort Huachuca.”Lt. Colonel Matthew Garner of the United States Army says, “The military is always a target, I believe.”For security purposes, Lt. Col. Garner wouldn’t tell us what’s been done or what’s being done to stop the threat. But he did say the U.S. Government takes this very seriously. And that Fort Huachuca is fully aware and prepared for anything that comes its way.

The report dates back to May, 2007 and Fort Huachuca hasn’t seen an attack yet, but that doesn’t mean they’re in the clear:

Lt. Col. Garner says, “We operate within that knowing that we are always a target, and then we take all precautions necessary whether it’s a general threat or a specific threat like the one you’re talking about.”According to the report which cites sources and sub sources within the DEA, the Iraqis may currently be located on an “unidentified Indian reservation” in Arizona. The Tohono O’odham nation is one possibility, with more than 2 and half million acres that start near Casa Grande and continue south all the way to the Mexico border. William Bevill says, “The fact that it’s somewhere closer to Tucson makes it more of a concern.

Also concerning:

 the report says, is an arsenal of weapons already in the United States.They include two Milan–surface to surface, anti-tank missiles; some Soviet made surface to air missiles; and an unspecified number of grenade launchers.

Tucson residents who were interviewed about the threat were clearly disturbed about the situation. One man said:

“I don’t know why we haven’t heard about it sooner, according to Gresham.””It’s pretty scary, our kids are here. This is where we live.”

A local moon-bat, with tin-foil hat firmly in place, offered a different opinion:

 Ashleen O’Gaea says, “The administration has given us a lot of convenient information before which has proved to be less than accurate.” O’Gaea says, “Whether that be honest misunderstanding or deliberate deceit is up for debate.”

Of course, if we withheld questionable information and then something did happen, this same woman would be one of the first to cry foul.

Chimpy just can’t win with these people.

UPDATE (November 25):

It looks like the Washington Times has gotten around to covering this.

King’s Slapdown Of Chavez Creates Cash Cow

When Hugo Chavez started spouting off about the former (Conservative) President of Spain, Jose Maria Aznar being a Fascist, during the Ibero-American Summit on Nov. 10th, the current Socialist President, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zaptero scolded him, and demanded him to show more respect. As Chavez interrupted and argued, the King of Spain, Juan Carlos irritably piped in with, “Why don’t you shut up”.

A worthy smack down if ever there was one.

A short time later, when Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, a close Chavez ally, accused the Spanish embassy of interfering in Nicaraguan politics, the king walked out, a gesture Spanish media said was unprecedented.

I sure wish someone listening to Chavez’s unhinged rantings last year at the UN had had the balls to react similarly. Instead we were treated to the “Bush is the devil”, “smells of sulphur”, ” and “insh’allah” crazy talk, and nobody said a peep, that I can recall.

*bmac reminded me in the comment section that Charlie Rangel did speak up, (two days later in a press release condemning Chavez’s behavior), much to his credit.

It would have been nice if someone present at the UN on Sept. 19, while Chavez was ranting, had had the cojones to stand up and just tell him to just “Shut the @#$%& up”.

The really good news is, the people of Spain have embraced the King’s sentiments, and “Why don’t you shut up” has become the catch-phrase of the year:

Were the king to claim image rights over his less-than-diplomatic outburst, he could find himself a nice little earner, as those five famous words have become a multi-million euro business, selling ringtones, mugs, T-shirts and websites.

An estimated 500,000 people have already downloaded the ringtone, generating around €1.5m (£1m), but many companies have circumvented any potential problems over rights by using an actor’s voice instead of the king’s.

Over 700 videos have appeared on YouTube, with parodies ranging from a Benny Hill sketch to a Nike advert featuring the Brazilian star Ronaldinho, which ends: “Juan do it. Just shut up.”

Meanwhile, the Peña brothers, who run a small T-shirt company, have found themselves overwhelmed with orders for their design inspired by the king. They normally expect to sell 800 T-shirts in a year, but in the week of the king’s outburst their orders reached over 1,000.

I tried to find the Benny Hill sketch, but was unsuccessful.

This one, however is mildly amusing:

I’m hoping that the good king, Juan Carlos, has started something, here. Maybe the next time Chavez goes off half cocked in an international setting, leaders in attendance will be more inclined to put him in his place.

And for that, we all owe the king of Spain a debt of gratitude.