Saturday Must Reads

Ever wonder how many terrorist attacks have been thwarted since 9/11? Fox News has a list of a few.

Actually the list is bigger than I thought it would be.

In The Terror Nobody Knows, Fox details those foiled attacks:

In  July 2005, the Los Angeles Police Department caught a group of men who had been robbing gas stations in the area. While investigating, police uncovered something far worse: The gas station hits were bankrolling a terrorist plot to attack National Guard facilities, synagogues, the Israeli consulate and Los Angeles International Airport.

Deputy Chief of Police Michael Downing says the group was “closer to going operational at the time than anyone since 9/11.”

Thomas P. O’Brien, the U.S. attorney in Los Angeles, says, “An untold number of lives may have been saved when this terrorist cell was dismantled.”

For some reason, I don’t remember hearing about that one.

Some foiled attacks, of course, are well known:

…such as Richard Reid’s failed “shoe bombing” in December 2001 and the liquid explosives plot of 2006, when British investigators uncovered a plan to carry bombs on airliners bound for the U.S. Each of those incidents permanently changed airport security protocols.

Then there was the plot to kill U.S. soldiers using assault rifles and grenades at Fort Dix in New Jersey, and the so-called “Lackawanna Six,” who pleaded guilty to providing support to Al Qaeda.

Read on as Fox chronicles the lesser known stories.

Another Must Read:

Multiculturalism Cannot Survive written by a Muslim immigrant, Salim Mansur. It starts:

Future historians of the phenomenon known as “multiculturalism” that the West bone-headedly adopted towards the end of the second millennium will note the precise time when it was dealt a mortal wound.

It was at 8:46 on Tuesday morning of Sept. 11, 2001, when the first of the four commercial airliners hijacked by Islamist terrorists — all of Arab origin — struck the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York City.

Since that time other western cities — Madrid, London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Toronto, Paris, Washington –have been targets of successful or failed attempts by Islamist terrorists determined to spread random death and destruction.

Those involved in the planning and execution of such terror are immigrants or born of immigrant parents belonging to the rapidly growing Muslim population in the West over the past 40 years. I happen to be a part of this wave of immigration to the West.

This western Muslim population, with its ethnic diversity reflecting the vastness of the Arab-Muslim world — stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from central Asia to sub-Saharan Africa — could have given some timely ballast to multiculturalism by unambiguously and unapologetically defending the West against barbarity


Read the rest.

One More!

Inspired by the Time’s Square recruitment center bombing, Michelle Malkin chronicles the left’s ongoing war on military recruitment centers. It looks like she took some time on this one because it is quite the extensive post,  where she offers us “a brief history of the anti-military recruitment movement’s mounting acts of vandalism and violence”. You’ll not be able to get through half of it without your blood starting to boil.

 It’s about time something more was done about these vermin. This is not a free speech issue. These people are traitors, anarchists, and commies who are harming our country, (as well as infringing on personal rights, and damaging property).

Many observers wanted to shut out any possibility that yesterday’s bombing at the Times Square recruitment center was ideologically motivated.

But will any on the left and in the Democrat Party raise their voices–loudly and clearly–to condemn the ongoing, militant anti-recruiter campaign?

Will they urge the Code Pinkos and their ilk to halt their intimidation and obstruction efforts?

Or will they continue to sit silently and attempt to downplay yesterday’s bombing as an isolated incident– instead of the all-too-predictable symptom of reckless tolerance for dangerous “peace”-peddlers skating on the edge of sedition?

Anybody heard anything from Obama yet on the Time’s Square recruitment station bombing?

Both Hillary Clinton, and John McCain  promptly made statements concerning the attack.