19-Year-Old Skank Beats Up Little Old Lady In Road-Rage Incident

You can call this “road rage”, or “elder abuse”, but I prefer to call it an out of control, deranged bitch, who was never taught to respect her elders:

Jessica Vasquez (pictured), 19, was taken into custody after she assaulted Evelyn Page, 81, who she thought was driving slowly in the 6200 block of South Meridian Street, on Indianapolis’ south side, according to Indianapolis Metro police.Police said Vasquez sped around Page and then slammed on her brakes, forcing the elderly woman to stop.

Then, according to police, Vasquez jumped out of her car, opened the driver’s-side door of Page’s car and began beating her.Police said the victim tried to get away, but that Vasquez pulled her out of the car and continued beating her, forcing her to fall into two lanes of traffic.Page’s face was bloodied and her leg was broken in 14 places, 6News’ Jack Rinehart reported. She will also have to undergo knee replacement.”This is a crime that is outrageous, something that we don’t normally see,” said IMPD Detective Wendall Daniel. “We don’t normally see a female, 19 years old, beating an 81-year-old woman.”

Remind you of anyone?

Here’s the local News Clip:

The Mugshot:

The Victim:

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

Turning The Page

Michelle Obama said in a recent interview that she wants to “turn the page” from the Reverend Wright controversy. Hoo-boy, I don’t blame her.

Instead, she prefers to talk about education:

“Let’s not elect somebody who has been there and hasn’t done it,” Michelle Obama said in a fairly clear reference to Clinton. She said education was the issue that most concerns parents and her husband is the only one who can make changes there.

“It’s going to take us being, as a nation, deeply passionate and angry about the failing education for all kids,” she said. “When was the last time we heard some really solid questions for these candidates on education in a debate? You know all about the issues in our personal lives, but … education is the thing we should be angry about.”

Tom Maguire, of Just One Minute, (who’s been looking into Obama’s past work on an education board, created by Bill Ayers) jumped on that:

Obama and Ayers (a professor of education) worked together on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge for several years in an ultimately unsuccessful effort to reform Chicago’s public schools. The extent of their relationship is not clear, since Obama has been opaque on this topic both in a televised debate and at his website. However, Ayers was instrumental in founding the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and Obama was the group’s first chairman, so there is something being concealed there.

Read the whole thing. This story should be getting more play in the media.

More background here.

Happy May Day!

Jim Hoft calls it  “the left’s favorite Godless holiday”. That’s about right. See Gateway Pundit for pictures of May Day Che enthusiasts the world over.

Michelle Malkin’s calls it “all purpose, left wing grievance day”. Visit her site for coverage of coast to coast grievance mongering.

LGF says 100,000 demonstrators expected in LA.

Woo hoo. It looks like these freaks are growing in number.

I guess we’ll find out in November.