Obama Poised To Silence Critics

We already knew about Obama’s history of intimidation, and character assassination.  We knew how he had tried to destroy his political enemies – at least regular readers of this site, know because I covered it while it was happening, here, and here, and here. While projecting an outward appearance of near messianic magnanimity, his underlings, lawyers, and political allies are always working feverishly to steamroll over critics, (and plaintiffs). That’s why when Obama says he opposes any movement to bring back the “Fairness Doctrine”, it should be taken with a grain mountain of salt.  His latest stated position on the Fairness Doctrine is only one more obfuscation in a long list obfuscations.

Mark Hyman of  The American Spectator wrote about Obama’s Chicago brand of hardball politics, recently in an article entitled, Obama’s Enemies List. As many of us feared, the “Chicago way” has found a home in The White House:

In only his third full day as the 44th president Obama personally went on the offensive against a media personality. On January 23rd, Obama warned Congressional Republicans against listening to Rush Limbaugh. The man who offered to sit down with Holocaust denier and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without any preconditions whatsoever views an American radio talk show host as a dangerous threat.

In precedent-setting action, Obama moved his director of political affairs, a highly partisan post, from the Old Executive Office Building into the West Wing. Political operative Patrick Gaspard was given White House access not experienced by his predecessors. Obama official Shauna Daly, a non-lawyer and career opposition researcher described as a “partisan dirt-digger,” was assigned to the White House counsel office. The move signals not only a new low in partisan activities, but suggests the office assignment may be intended to hide Daly’s political activities under the guise of the counsel’s attorney-client privileges.

Jon Ward for Washington Times reported that it was unusual for someone with Daly’s background to be working in the White House counsel’s office:

A number of conservative and liberal lawyers and operatives confirmed that it is unusual for someone with Miss Daly’s background to be working in the White House counsel’s office, though some Clinton-era lawyers said that administration had non-lawyers working in the office.

The White House insists Miss Daly’s work will be limited to legal research, like that of a paralegal, and won’t stray into political muckraking.

Outside The Beltway is skeptical of the White House’s claim:

But she doesn’t have paralegal training? LinkedIn has her as Deputy Research Director at Obama for America and previously as Deputy Research Director at Democratic National Committee; Research Director at Gifford Miller for Mayor. Ward adds, “Miss Daly has been doing opposition research for Democratic politicians since just after graduation in 2001 from Smith College. She began in 2002 as a researcher for Sen. Tim Johnson’s re-election campaign in South Dakota, and in 2004 she was research director for Betty Castor’s unsuccessful run at a Florida seat in the U.S. Senate.” So, she’s got research skills. Legal skills? Not so much.

Obviously, she’s there for one reason, and one reason only…to dig up dirt on Obama’s critics. And don’t expect the New York Times, or any other MSM news outlets to come running to their defense. As with Joe the Plumber, the MSM will be more than happy to carry B.O.’s water.

Hyman concludes:

How soon and how far the Obama Administration will extend its attacks against its critics and the political opposition may become evident in the days ahead. Spared any serious scrutiny by most news outlets during his very brief career in public office, Barack Obama has displayed an exceptionally thin skin when he has come under a microscope or when he has suffered political and public relations setbacks.


Ed Morrissey smells a RAT in the “Stimulus bill” .


11 thoughts on “Obama Poised To Silence Critics

  1. Up until recently I could post and laugh…things seem to be changing. Is this the change we heard was coming? I am reading articles that have a great deal of sadness…and frightening tones to them. From very early into obama’s campaign..after only several months..there was something that made me feel very uneasy about him. It only keeps getting worse.


  2. i feel that Betty. actually, i don’t laugh at Obama. he is frightening. but i do laugh at all the moonbats that swoon over him. that really IS funny. and sickening at the same time. kinda reminds me of the movie Jackass…

    “Ouch! oh no he didn’t… Look! he’s gonna do what? OWWWW ow ow ow ow!” :O

    “Burn me once, shame on you.”
    “Burn me twice, shame on you again.”
    “Burn me three times, shame on those evil Republicans.”


  3. Betty, I was just mentioning something similar to my husband: How the usually jocular Rush Limbaugh is sounding increasingly frantic, and horrified with each passing day. I remember how he joked his way through the Clinton years. No matter how appalled we were, we could always laugh. We’re not laughing so much, anymore.


  4. Nicedeb, I agree completely, I feel all of it too. To me, the high water mark of the 20th century was waking up in 1994 after the Congressional elections to Rushs’ TV show when he looked into the camera and said: “I know you Liberals are out there listening to me right now, and I want you to know, I feel your pain.” But this to shall pass and despite how ominous the threat, God will not forsake us.


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