Video:American Tea Party – Fort Worth

Reeko is the man behind the camera, and he says the tea party was a hoot:

The Magic Money Fairy says: “If you don’t give me all your money, I’ll turn you into a goon!”

You can see Reeko’s other video, from the event, here.

8 thoughts on “Video:American Tea Party – Fort Worth

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  2. After an interestng discussion on ACE this morning about how to get us all on point and on message. Newt said that the “spending bill is a job-killer.” So, how about:


  3. heard so many cool comments, probably the best ones i didn’t get on video…

    for example, know how the media and socialeftists have turned the term “neocon” into a pejorative cussword? and how they look down with total discontent as they lie and obfuscate anything and everything? well, we need a new term for our taxpayer’s revolution. and i heard a good one:

    “neopat” = neopatriot, the new patriot.

    as i said before, we have got to stop looking for a leader, or a voice. if we fall for the leftists in the media ploy (which apparently the clueless GOP leaders are) of looking for a “leader” – ie: our own “Obamessiah” – then we are doomed to a cult of personality that we will never recover from… and our country is doomed.

    NEVER play another man’s game or fight another man’s fight. remember Captain James T. Kirk? “win by changing the rules”…

    OUR voice is from our LEADERS: Adam Smith. Franklin. Jefferson. Washington. Hamilton. Reagan… hell, even Chuck Norris is starting to speak eloquently for most of us by echoing our founding fathers! DUH! how hard is that to understand? • Video: Watch part 1 of Glenn’s interview

    “NEOPAT” …i like it. 😉


  4. I wish I had known about this tea party. I would have been there for sure! Good job guys. I did not see one word about it on any TV station though. Did I miss it? Or did our trusted media choose to ignore us once again?


  5. the media didn’t show up until after sunset. by then, a lot of the crowd had left, except for the hardcores… and the TV van (with the obvious remote antenna tower above it) set up across the intersection at the CVS parking lot. (where the police told us not to go!) since it was starting to peter out and was dark by then, most people still wanted to see if the camera would come over, instead the TV crew stayed across the street – and it was dark – so some folks started crossing the street. others left. i left.

    just a suggestion though… the live music was good, but we shouldn’t plan these at any more honky tonks or bars. (i love that club though. i WILL go back there some time!) not that there’s anything wrong with bars, but the regulars to that club were also showing up, and when u mix alcohol with emotions and mob mentality… there was a potential for disaster… at one point, some local 1%ers rode up on about half dozen Harleys. (google the term “1 percenter” if u don’t know what i mean) they left after riding through the back concert area – which was blocked off – like a scene from “The Wild Bunch” and once they realized that most of the business-like and quality citizens there were NOT their cup of tea, and wouldn’t tolerate their BS… they didn’t even get off their bikes. i was sure glad the media wasn’t there to see that. DAMN sure would have made the news then. we certainly don’t need that. just my opinion of course… 😉 reeko

    PS: i used to ride and bounce doors at biker roadhouse bars back in the day. know lots of different biker clubs all too well, and had my share of dust-ups and run-ins. so i know what i’m talking about when i say that these weren’t just a harmless biker club – these were 1 percenters – wearing colors and rings. bad juju. muy mal hombres.


  6. Reeko, thanks for the video on the Ft. Worth Tea Party. I live in the DFW area. Couldn’t make that event.

    There’s a lot of good Texas-independent spirit out there. I’ve heard Texas is the only state in the union that has the right to secede from the USA, and noticed the sign that mentions it.

    You make good points and have good suggestions about future approaches. Keep the appeal for a wider base of followers.


  7. yeh, i saw that too. LOL i am a descendent of the Republic of Texas, and of Gov John Ireland who built the state capitol building in Austin (1882-1886) so my roots here run deep. yes, it is fun to claim that we were the only ones legally in the Confederacy, and could secede again, but it is a stretch legally anyway. and moot. the whole thing in the media’s mind and especially in the Blue states, suggest a bunch of redneck clansmen racist segregationist – not a good image to try and deflect. and worse, it detracts from our main arguments that are indeed valid.

    if the media focuses on that, we are doomed. and another thing, if u watch the videos of all the Tea Parties, there are some mighty white crowds – not much “diversity” eh? why is that not suprising, as minorities are being told that Uncle Sugar is going to buy them gas and pay their rent and mortgages by this stimulus porkage… AND – ipso facto – done deal, race becomes the basis of class warfare, and i am afraid it is coming to a head. somebody has got to reach out to the middle-class black segment of society (largest of ALL TIME oh by the way) and let them know that THEY are the ones who will pay – dearly. when the ghetto hoods explode into kill-the-rich violence, guess which neighborhoods they be coming to first? fo’ shizzle. word. 😉 reeko (representin’ in da Oak Cliff hood)


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