Are You Ready To Pledge Your Loyalty To Lord Obama?

You may be asked to this weekend:

Jeez…did you notice? They’re even wearing brown shirts!

If  one of these folks confronts me this weekend…I’m going to politely ask him how in the @3$#@!1!! – &^$%  Obama expects to pay for all of these “bold plans”.

A printout of this post by Gateway Pundit might ward them off, too.

Thanks to the indispensable Naked Emperor News.


Heh. A commenter at SondraK’s came up with his own pledge drive to offer the moonbats canvassers.


IOWNTHEWORLD says They’re Coming!


13 thoughts on “Are You Ready To Pledge Your Loyalty To Lord Obama?

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  3. the only thing i want from all then kool aid drinkers is to show me his natural born birth certificate, if they come on my property , my dog will go after them he dont even like obama


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  7. One of these Hitler Youth comes to my door I am going to bird dog the SOB at every stop they go chanting ” Hey Hey HO HO Socialism has got to Go!” Then when their done Ill burn their friggin signatures.


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