Compare And Contrast: Obama On Iran To Reagan On Poland

You’ve got to hand it to Sean Hannity for digging up this old Ronald Reagan speech and juxtaposing it with Obama’s weak response to the Iranian uprising:

Via mycoalition on Twitter.

Not only does Obama not openly support the Democracy movement in Iran, he will not condemn the use of brute  force to terrorize the protesters.

John McCain cited the violence of this past weekend in a speech on the Senate floor, Monday, especially the murder of Neda by a government sharp shooter….

Not only does Obama not condemn the regime for its violence, he invites its reps to a hot dog party in DC on the 4th of July.

The mind reels.

Obama has scheduled a news conference for Tuesday morning to explain himself:

According to the neverending political momentum game in Washington, Obama needs to re-seize the initiative; hence, Monday’s decision to schedule a Tuesday presidential news conference. Such staged affairs are not only irresistible to the media (CBS will break into normal programming to carry it live), but they suck the oxygen out of any other competing story for the cycle.


Ay- yi-yi….The White House claims Obama’s Cairo speech is the catalyst for the uprising in Iran.

See also Gateway Pundit:

Noted Iranian Regime Lackey & Dem Supporter Backs Obama’s Non-Stance on Iran

This guy:

trita parsi 2

This cartoon is from Iran Press News back in 2008. In the cartoon Ayatollah Khamenei says to Trita Parsi: “Go tell them that human rights the islamic version is better.”

Of course the Iranian government lacky supports Obama. I’ll have to add him to the list.


Listening to Obama’s speech right now…he has finally used the “C” word to decry the bloody violence in Iraq. It’s about damn time. Ugh…he mentions his dopey Cairo speech, again…

Why does he keep calling what’s going on over there “a debate”? The beating and killing of protesters is. not. a. debate.

Michelle Malkin says, “Obama-come-lately strikes again”.

And it’s on to his disastrous energy policy. Blech…and now Obamacare…needless to say…the opposite of what he says will be true.

He’s taking questions now…will someone ask him about the wisdom of inviting reps from this unjust regime to a 4th of July hot dog BQ?

Major Garrett: on Obama’s final condemnation, “What took you so long?”

Obama says he’s been totally consistent blablabla…

Garrett asks him about the 4th of July party.  Obama gives a total b.s. answer..”We don’t have diplomatic ties to Iran…”(?) It’s up to them to reject the violence or something? Huh? Is the party on or not?

A reporter mentioned McCain’s words from yesterday…

Reminds reporters…”I’m the President of the United States”.

Scariest thing to come out of press conference: He’s not YET working on another stimulus….


See Jonah Goldberg for a total dismantaling of the ‘Cairo speech as catalyst’ argument.

13 thoughts on “Compare And Contrast: Obama On Iran To Reagan On Poland

  1. Who’s side is Obama on? These people cry out to make their voices heard and he ignores them, it’s just doesn’t seem…American.


  2. Sorry I just don’t see it. These Iranians would be thrilled to have Mousavi who is one of the Mullah’s hand selected candidates. Mousavi supports the Mullah system and is probably as extreme as Ahmadineajead. Would Reagan have supported Polands Solidarity if the Poles simply wanted a different leader chosen by the Soviets?


  3. Dennis,

    I don’t believe it’s a matter of them being thrilled to have Mousavi. That’s not their point, that’s not why they are out protesting. They want freedom, they want liberty, they want democracy. It’s not about Mousavi. If you’ve followed any Iranian twitters, you’d know that. They are AGAINST the mullah system. Mousavi may appear to be the catalyst, but I read their revolution entirely different than you do.

    Additionally, what a very stark contrast between Reagan, a man with strength and integrity beyond words….and Obama, a man who is either totally lost & confused, or evil to the core.


  4. And just look back to 2007 when Bush assured those fighting for freedom in Burma that:
    “Americans are outraged by the situation in Burma, where a military junta has imposed a 19-year reign of fear.”
    Nevermind that most Americans couldn’t find Burma on a map! He nonetheless could say that “Americans are outraged….” because of COURSE we would be once we became aware because America stands for freedom for all. What do we stand for now? If you can’t muster up a little outrage over citizens being gunned down in the streets by their gov’t what are you made of????? Or is he thinking of the day when he will be using similar tactics against his detractors ??? Perish the thought.


  5. Obama, as usual, talks out of both sides of his mouth.

    He says the reason he has been so limp is that this is an internal Iranian issue and anything he says will be used to prove US meddling. He then takes a much harsher tone on Iran.

    Of course, he sees no inconsistency with this and even ignores the fact the mullahs have been making up stuff and have been for years no matter what he says.

    Just another clown in the Democrat big tent circus.


  6. Whenever Obama says anything my b.s. detector pegs the redline. It amazes me how many people, educated seemingly intelligent people, buy into the most obvious lies and b.s. he spews daily.

    Some are even shocked, SHOCKED!, to find out that the stimulus boondoggle is not working, unemployment is skyrocketing and our projected debt threatens to bankrupt the country.

    Henry Hill had nothing on this snake oil salesman.


  7. I’ve only very recently been able to muster the intestinal fortitude to listen to him speak at any length, because his continuous b.s. offends me so greatly.


  8. I was struck deaf on election day, from a bilateral ear infection with eardrums rupturing on both sides….and I saw that as a blessing in disguise.


  9. Can’t stand to hear Obama say “uhhhh” when he is not on the teleprompter. Makes me wonder what is going on up there in that head of his.

    Can’t stand to listen to him. Lies. Manipulation. Bullshit.
    Simply. Can’t. Listen. Can’t. And. Won’t.


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