Drudge Goes There:Obama’s Evil Eye

Beware The Obama Evil Eye:

As the summer begins, White House watchers have spotted a new look by President Obama: The Evil Eye!

Staffers have joked about the menacing glance, which comes when the president meets with world leaders who are not aligned with his progressive view.

White House photographers have captured the "evil eye" in recent weeks, during sessions with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Colombia's Alvaro Uribev.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi got hit with the commander's malocchio last week in the Oval office.

And at least one White House reporter has been on the receiving end of the daggers during a press conference.


obama drudge evil eye





And these oldies but goodies:

obamaobama  angry

Lefty bloggers had to spend hours in photoshop to make George W. Bush look that evil, although there are plenty of pictures of him looking goofy.

I knew I wasn’t the only one who had been noticing this, but I was wondering who would be the first to mention it in the media. I wasn’t expecting it to be Drudge! I can’t tell you the number of times, I had been tempted to round up a series of Obama’s menacing looking photos to put in a post, but I didn’t know where to go with it…

I’m not sure what it means, maybe when he’s tired, he tends to look surly? Or there’s something else going on there, that he finds difficult to hide from the cameras.


Consulting Wikipedia now:

Belief in the evil eye is strongest in the Middle East, East and West Africa, South Asia, Central Asia, and Europe, especially the Mediterranean region; it has also spread to other areas, including northern Europe, particularly in the Celtic regions, and the Americas, where it was brought by European colonists and Middle Eastern immigrants.

Belief in the evil eye is found in Islamic doctrine, based upon the verse of the Qur’an, “And from the evil of the envier when he envies,” [Chapter al-Falaq, verse 5][2] and the statement of Prophet Muhammad, “The influence of an evil eye is a fact…” [Sahih Muslim, Book 26, Number 5427][3]. Authentic practices of warding off the evil eye are also commonly practiced by Muslims: rather than directly expressing appreciation of, for example, a child’s beauty, it is customary to say Masha’Allah, that is, “God has willed it”, or invoking God’s blessings upon the object or person that is being admired.[4] Aside from beliefs based upon authentic Islamic texts, a number of unsubstantiated beliefs about the evil eye are found in folk religion, typically revolving around the use of amulets or talismans as a means of protection.

Thank goodness Blogger Blackie  Blackerton has already thought of creating a protective talisman for the Republican party:


Proposal for a new GOP logo based on the talismanic “Hamsa Hand” (also known as the “Hand of Miriam“) to ward off the sinister influence of Obama’s “Evil Eye.”

See also Paul Rahe at Powerline, who thinks that Obama’s facial expressions and gestures are worth noting:

The White House has released a series of photographs in which, as the Drudge Report puts it, Obama directed “the evil eye” at various foreign leaders who visited him. Included on the list were German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

I take this, therefore, as an occasion for repeating what I wrote on that earlier occasion: “If we are to comprehend what is going on, we must pay close attention not only to what Obama says but to what he conveys in other ways. His tone is nearly always moderate but what he hints at and what he intimates by way of body language often convey the opposite. Witness his warm embrace of Hugo Chavez. Behind the thin veneer of politeness, there is, I suspect, something ugly lurking. In the first of the autobiographies that he claims to have written, Barack Obama frequently speaks of himself as being in the grips of rage. We would do well to take him at his word.”

17 thoughts on “Drudge Goes There:Obama’s Evil Eye

  1. Mmmmmmm, never noticed this look during his back slapping time with Chavez. Hell, he had big smiles, laughing…had a hardy har har time with the dictator. Why is that?…..LOL


  2. You can find pix of him smiling with Netanyahu, too, putting on a happy face like he does with everyone…but the evil stink-eye seems to be reserved for his political enemies.


  3. I don’t know that I’d call that a menacing look.
    He looks snooty in those and in one of them he looks like somebody took his candy away.

    When he comes onscreen delivering his almost daily drek on tv, I change it to Animal Planet, where animal behavior: glaring, scowling and posturing are normal/expected behavior.


  4. in one of them he looks like somebody took his candy away.

    I think I know the one you’re talking about…

    But I disagree that some of them aren’t menacing. I get a creepy vibe from them.


  5. In Hawaii they call that “the stinkeye”.

    Mexican American Culture, Cajuns, Asians, Ancient Jews and Greeks, and even Muslims, (Muhammad wrote about it in several texts), and others refer to it as the “evil eye.” It is believed that those who possess the evil eye have power to issue such things as curses on others with it.

    I have a gift, Harry (Reid)!


  6. As a cop in NYC I’ve seen variations of that look more times than I can count – usually accompanied by a pejorative not allowable in civil discourse. I can imagine just what the thug-in-chief is thinking in each one of those pictures. Yup – sure can!


  7. We have protection from the evil eye of Zero, and have had for 2000 years. It is the Cross of Christ. There is no question but that Zero is of the devil, but Christ overcomes the devil and all his henchmen. We do not need any other talisman or symbol but the Cross, but that we cannot do without.

    Zero and his friends are the closest thing to pure evil that have come on the national stage in generations. We are not accustomed to this sort of thing, so it is a new experience for us. We must be prepared to stand up to him and not let him defeat us, because our defeat is his most prized goal. He seeks the total destruction of the USA, and he is making fast work of it. We must speak back to him, reject all he stands for, refuse everything he proposes, because we can be assured if it comes from Zero it is for our destruction.

    Do not fear the Won, but rather hold to Christ and put your confidence in Him. He will defeat the Won.


  8. And he’s not alone. Take note of photos of Michelle when she doesn’t think the camera is on her (which isn’t all that often). That is one hateful woman.


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  11. Yes Obama looks totally evil
    However Jesus Christ taught Do not judge by outward appearance.
    We are to judge others by what they actually do. By their behavior.
    If we could judge others by the look in their eye we would need no court of law no evidence.
    Obama is not a man of God
    And I agree he does evil things
    Like same sex so called marriage and abortion His entire thinking is
    But we have to judge people by what they actually do
    Is how I judge Obama by what he does.
    Many people look Totally innocent In their eyes and are killers
    So I’m not condoning are approving of the look in his eyes
    What we need to judge him simply by what he actually does


  12. Maybe he’s on drugs.
    Many innocent people have gone to prison because of the look in their eye And thereby were judged by others.
    Granted Obama is a wicked evil man
    What judge people by what they actually do not buy how they look.


  13. It seems that the evil eye on him only appears when someone doesn’t agree with him.
    Because Obama is a narcissist
    And totally in love with himself
    Jesus spoke of the evil eye
    But he also taught we are to judge others Not by outward appearance But by their deeds and works.
    In Obama’s case his evil deeds match the look in his eyes
    And Obama’s DZA works who he is an evil wicked man


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