9 thoughts on ““O America”: A Video Tribute To Sarah Palin

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  3. Thank you for sharing; that was beautiful.

    I find it curious how some can hate her with such intensity. She is motherhood … love of God … love of country … common decency … self-reliance. Is she so much an object of scorn to some because she reminds them of what they are not, but should be?

    You just don’t see anywhere near the vitriol toward KSM, OBL, Saddam Hussein … or your garden variety child rapists and murderers … as you do toward her.

    Both curious; and revealing.


  4. They fear her because she’s so appealing, and they can’t have that. And, let’s face it. She knows how to zing the President like no one else, and she does it with a wink and a smile.


  5. My father loves Sarah Palin like ya’ll do, and we just had a 2 day tete-a-tete on the net about it. So I sent him your post by Frugal Café and he was awed by it. I really like her too, but she did quit being the Gov, and that was bad judgment. I lost confidence in her for that. And she really is yet to able to do the back-and-forth with the snotty hater reporters the way that George Will or Donald Rumsfeld or the young Newt Gingrich could do. Those guys would tear ‘em apart and eat ‘em for breakfast. She does not have the commanding prescence of the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcer, nor the gravitas (or Mrs. Robinson sheer heat) of Jean Kirkpatrick, nor the moral power of Golda Mier. If she reads up on the world and practices Liberal self protection techniques, taunts, insults and lies (see 8 MILE) she might be good in 2012. And she better be better than them and able to take The Dozens and come slingin’ it back, because they will give the same treatment they gave W and worse because they hate her even more than BushMonkeyHitler. Me, I want another Gipper.


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  7. She has inspired me. This old bag of bones is filled by new hope for my children and grand children.

    I have lived many places – from Manhattan to the Great Sonoran Desert. There is nothing that instills humility more than being in a place where nature can strike you quickly and certainly if you’re not careful.

    Humility is her great virtue. It is no wonder that she finds her greatest support amongst the folks who live closer to God’s creation.

    Thank you for this video.


    Roy Lofquist
    Titusville, Florida


  8. Hi 7 —
    I respect your opinion on Palin’s resignation, but the more I learned about her reasons, the more I’m fine with it. She was leaving the state in good hands with her Lt. Gov.; it doesn’t seem like she was dumping problems onto the next administration. And the way people were filing frivilous lawsuits — she was hurting Alaska, through no fault of her own. It seems more like she passed the baton a little unconventionally 😉 (And sure, I guess I am biased!)


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