Liveblogging SRLC

Ms. Cheney was introduced by the great and gracious Mary Matalin this evening at the Southern Republican Leader Conference in New Orleans:

Liz Cheney speaking now, live streaming, here.

She’s talking forcefully about what she calls  the three prongs of the Obama Foreign Policy: Apologize, abandon and appease. This woman is fierce.

An early look at her speech, here.

Breaking? Cheney announces that Bibi Netanyahu will not be attending Obama’s nuke summit next week.

Zinger: “This administration is confused about who the enemy is!”

Message to Eric Holder: “The CIA officers who  interrogated terrorists to keep us safe after 9/11 are not criminals – they’re American patriots. They deserved to be thanked and honored for protecting this nation”.

Paraphrasing Krauthammer:”The Obama administration is putting us in a path to decline.”

The Obama administration is used to deference – from their followers, and the media (sometimes those two things are the same thing).

JC Watts is up now. Something tells me he’s had a change of heart since his flirtation with Obamunism in 2008.

daveweigel on Twitter: J.C. Watts’s speech is notably free of Obama-bashing — all positivity about the GOP agenda.

Roger that!

JC Watts: We don’t need more taxes. We need more taxpayers. ..The problem isn’t we tax too much. It’s that we spend too much.

Newt up: “When you’re speaking from the heart – you don’t need a teleprompter”. (wild applause)…

He says he began to realize after watching Obama for a year, that  what we have  in the Obama administration is a combination of the corruption of  Springfield, IL, and the radicalism of Alinsky.

“The more Obama talks, the less people believe him”…

“Stage one of the end of Obamunism after winning this Fall is to refuse to fund his initiatives….” (wild applause)…

After 2012, “We will repeal every. radical. bill. passed by this congress”. (wild applause).

We need to make plain to the American people that this is not an average fight between two groups of people who share the same goals and values…we have to make this a choice about the nature of America. He says we’re up against a “Secular Socialist Machine”.

Also liveblogging SRLC, RS McCain.

Earlier, behind the scenes blogger stuff:

At the opening night blogger’s bash

Getting set up

At the ballroom bloggers row


Plane Blogging

I thought I’d try out the new iPad while en route to N’Awlens (did I pronounce that right?) for the SRLC. Pretty nifty, I must say…perfect for the plane, but a little quirky. I found out I have to be in HTML mode to edit the blog. I’m looking forward to the conference, and seeing a lot of the same faces from CPAC. well, they’ve put up the fasten seatbelt sign for the descent into Dallas/FortWorth, so I have to cut this short. I’ll have more about SRLC later today, with lots of pictures, hopefully.