Audio: Sean Hannity Interviews “Smart-Ass” Frozen Custard Shop Owner

This afternoon on his radio show, Hannity interviewed the Milwaukee Kopp’s Frozen Custard manager who told Joe (Bite Me) Biden to “Lower our Taxes”, only to have an angry Biden smack him down, and call him a “smart-Ass”.

He admits that “it was a little strange to have someone second in charge in the United States…do something like that”.

I think Hannity is right. He came back later to apologize, and make nice,  only after a staffer had reminded him that cameras were rolling, and his nastiness was not going to go over too well with the American people.


Custard shop owner,  Scott Borkin also appeared on The Greta Van Susteren Show, tonight. Video at Gateway Pundit.

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Monday News Round-Up

Lots going on today, so let’s get started:

Sen. Robert Byrd RIP: thoughts from Ed Morrissey, John McCormack, and Ace, who says there will be a special election in WV.

Ace again: More Arguing Over Byrd’s Vacancy Update: Sec of State Tennant to Give Presser at 4:30PM; Her Own Words on Succession

Supreme Court Finds 2nd Amendment Applies To The States (BFD – flaming skull-worthy at AoSHQ).

A Conservative Kid Tries To Survive In California Schools What this 11 year old has to put up with is disturbing on so many levels, considering most kids are empty slates waiting to be filled with whatever ideology grown-ups throw at them. And we all know libs love to target children.

Tea Party News from ……you’ll never guess where. (Can you say, “Don’t tread on me” in Italian?)

Ed Morrissey asks: Day 68: Why isn’t the A-Whale in the Gulf yet? Being President is hard, that’s why! All those tough decisions!

Have you seen this video on the oil spill, yet? I don’t want to ruin your day, but…

Doug Ross has some excellent commentary on the video by John L. Wathen.

Gateway Pundit lays out the damning facts: CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE: Obama’s Mishandling of Gulf Oil Spill Caused Destruction of Coastline

The DOJ  Black Panther  scandal is not going away:

PJTV: Rocking the Vote: Did DOJ Try to Whitewash Black Panther Intimidation Case?

J. Christian Adams: You Deserve To Know — Unequal Law Enforcement Reigns at Obama’s DOJ (PJM Exclusive)

The Washington Times: ADAMS: Inside the Black Panther case Anger, ignorance and lies

Oh, joy: Michelle Malkin: SCOTUS theater: Kagan kabuki –Places everyone!

On the illegal Immigration front:

Michelle again: Another outrageous Obama DHS appointment – an open borders sympathizer joins the Obama team, quelle surprise.

The Rottweiler: Ogabe Regime Finally Finds a Sovereign Entity to Act Against:

They can’t quite agree among themselves when it comes to enacting sanctions against the genocidal, terrorist pisslamic regime in Tehran in order to try to persuade them to stop their Operation Nuclear Final Solution, but have a state in our own Union try to enforce the laws that the fed is singularly uninterested in enforcing and just watch ‘em move!

By the way, Border Invasion Pics has some new videos up:

06/27/10 – 112 border intruders   NEW
06/27/10 – 58 border intruders at night   NEW
06/27/10 – 30 border intruders   NEW

Don’t forget voting has begun for this week’s 10 Buck Friday money bomb candidate. More info, here.

In case you haven’t seen it yet: Raw Audio Of Al Gore’s Accuser’s Testimony –Turns out ManBearPig may well be a pig.

I’ve been studiously avoiding the Dave Weigel brouhaha, ( who cares), but Byron York has a good question:

Why does Washington Post need a reporter to cover conservatives?

Yeah, really…like we’re some exotic species that requires anthropological study. Good grief, if they really feel that they have to do that, can’t it be someone who doesn’t already despise us?

Ed Driscoll’s clearly enjoying the story: Welcome to East Germany on the Potomac

Newsbusters: David Weigel Explains Away ‘JournoList’ E-mails by Claiming to be a Jerk


Peter Wehner at Commentary: Our Petulant President

Oh no he DIDN’T!:

In Politico we read:

Obama chastised what he dubbed a current “obsession” over a timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops. “My focus right now is how do we make sure what we’re doing there is successful,” he said. “By next year we will begin a transition.”


How about not imposing ridiculous timetables on troop withdrawal, and repeatedly speaking about it, if you don’t want people “obsessing” about it.