Republican Congressman Leading Effort To Save “Son of Hamas”

Good News for Mosab Hassan Yousef, aka “Son Of Hamas”, aka “dead man walking”, who is scheduled to be deported back to the West Bank: The Weekly Standard reports that a Republican congressman has taken up his cause:

Rep. Doug Lamborn is leading an effort in the House of Representatives to gather support for Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a founder of Hamas who converted to Christianity, became an anti-Hamas informer, and is now living in the U.S. The Department of Homeland Security, incredibly, is opposing his application for political asylum.

Yousef, himself once a member of Hamas, is not a jihadist. In fact, he’s quite the opposite, having had both a religious and a political conversion. He’s now living in San Diego, but his stay in America could end shortly (he’s been here around three years). It all hinges on whether he’s granted political asylum by American officials. Right now, the Department of Homeland Security is against this designation, in part it seems, because the government agency has misread his remarkable tell-all memoir, Son of Hamas.

In the book, Yousef tells his story. He experienced a sort of epiphany, turning against Hamas and his family, to become a key informant for the Israeli intelligence agency the Shin Bet. The intelligence he provided allowed Israeli officials to prevent acts of terror, saving many innocent lives. The DHS interprets his book as proof that he has ties to terrorist organizations.

If Yousef were to be deported, and returned to the West Bank, there’s little question that he would end up on a Hamas hit list.

Lamborn has written a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, with signatories from the House that include, Trent Franks, Cynthia Lummis, Bill Posey, Kenny Marchant, Rob Bishop, John Kline, and John Shadegg. The full text of the letter can be read at The Weekly Standard.


Please Fight to Save Mosab Yousef

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers: GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn Leading Congressional Effort to Stop Obama Admin From Deporting Son of Hamas Founder Who Spied for Israel, Converted to Christianity…



Thursday Oil Spill Blog Links

Ramirez cartoon via Lucianne

CFP: Our Lazy President:

I’m starting to get the feeling that President Obama is no workaholic.

His much trumpeted “War on Petroleum” speech in the Oval Office last week fell flat to most listeners, regardless of political affiliation, because our “genius”, Harvard educated President made it clear to the entire world that he knew less about the Gulf spill than the average 10th grader.

What has this man been doing with his time for the past two months?

You’d think by now Obama would at least have something intelligent to say about containment booms, or sand berms, or the Jones Act, or flow rates, or the coming hurricane season and its possible effects on the cleanup effort.

Sen. George Lemieux had this to say about a recent talk with Obama: “He doesn’t seem to know the situation about foreign skimmers (or) domestic skimmers.”

No kidding.

Gateway Pundit: It Begins… Plans to Evacuate Tampa Bay Are Put Into Place …Update: Pensacola Beach Closed

Gateway Pundit: Last Week: Gov. Charlie Crist Praises Obama’s Handling of Gulf Oil Spill… This Week: Oil Closes Pensacola Beach & Threatens Tampa Bay

Christian Science Monitor: In Gulf oil spill ‘war,’ cleanup foot soldiers threaten mutiny

Sing along with BO’s Oil Spill’s Blog:

(We All Live With) Obama’s Oil Spill

In the Gulf where it was born,
Lived an oil spill that fouled the sea,
And they tried to end its life,
But they were useless, BP,

So He golfed and took vacation,
Then He ate to get his fill,
And the crisis spun out of control,
And now we call it His oil spill,

We all live with Obama’s oil spill,
Obama’s oil spill, Obama’s oil spill,
We all live with Obama’s oil spill,
Obama’s oil spill, Obama’s oil spill.

Finish singing at the link.


The Most Important Gulf Update on the Oil Spill that You Will See

Zero Does Nero

Judge Faces Death Threats After BP Gulf Oil Drilling Moratorium Ruling

Doug Ross: Judge Martin Feldman slapped down the federal government’s second request to resume an offshore drilling ban on 33 deep-water rigs in the Gulf.

“Get that weak sh** outta here, cowboy Ken.”


Video: Chris Christie Rules Out Run For POTUS

Neil Cavuto interviewed Chris Christie, yesterday, and asked if he was interested in a run for President.

Christie, with his typical bluntness, said he didn’t want it, and didn’t feel he was ready for it. You’ll enjoy the reaction of the audience when Cavuto mentions the fact that he has more experience now, than the current occupant of the White House:

You know what I like about Chris Christie?


Here’s the rest of the interview:

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Sharia In America

Watch this, and tell me there’s not something rotten going on in the state of Dearborn:

You know what? At every St. Patrick’s Day parade I’ve gone to here in Kansas City, there have been evangelists passing out anti-Catholic literature to the parade goers. Not merely bible tracts, like the evangelists in Dearborn were passing out, but literature specifically critical of the Catholic Church’s teachings.

Are these people annoying? Of course.

Have I ever once wished that the police would stop them and arrest them for annoying me? God, no. This is a free country, they have every right to do that.

Except in Dearbornistan.

The Thomas More Law Center has taken the case, and Allahpundit says:

Note to the defendants: Don’t forget to ask for damages. A lot of damages.

A message needs to be sent. Islamic intolerance will not be tolerated in the United States of America..


Atlas Shrugs has much more, including : Chuck Johnson says there is “almost no difference between fanatics like acts17 and the Taliban.”

Proving once again, that liberalism is a mental disorder.