Not That It Matters Anymore, But There WAS A Second Source For That 2008 Obama/Ayers Babysitting Story

For the entire election year of 2008, conservatives were desperate to get the MSM to cover important stories about the Obamas, but the truth kept getting squashed by the Obama campaign.

Here are just a few, out of countless stories that never gained the traction they deserved, because the MSM bought, (or covered for) the Obamalies:

Obama’s extensive background working with ACORN became: “Barack once represented ACORN in a successful lawsuit alongside the U.S. Department of Justice”.

His 20 years practicing black liberation theology at TUCC with the race-baiting Rev. Wright, his “spiritual mentor” became: Barack occasionally attended church at TUCC, where he often disagreed with a fiery Pastor he thought of as ‘an old uncle’, and in fact, he wasn’t even there for the  controversial sermonsseen on YouTube. Obama threw Wright under the bus when the media attention became too intense. That, and his speech on race effectively ended the media scrutiny.

Another story the media didn’t pursue: the longtime  friendship of the Obamas and former Weatherman terrorist, Bill Ayers. A relationship that went back at least 20 yearspossibly more,... became: “the two men do not appear to have been close. Nor has Mr. Obama ever expressed sympathy for the radical views and actions of Mr. Ayers, whom he has called “somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was 8.” .That was the official line the MSM went with.

The Rev Wright story was important because it could have warned American voters that the “post-racial” candidate was nothing of the sort, as we’ve all come too late to discover.

The ACORN story was important because it could have warned voters about the Alinsky “end justifies the means” radicalism that has come to define his governing style.

And the Ayers story was important because it could have warned voters about the virulent anti-American radicalism that we’ve seen in so many of Obama’s policies.

One promising lead that would have shed light on the Obama/Ayers relationship, and was never followed up on in the fall of 2008, was the Ayers babysitting story. That one was quashed because, according to the rumors circulating at the time,  there was only one nervous, anonymous source,and the media outlet being tipped on the story, needed at least two anonymous sources to run the story.

Hillbuzz recently took note of the fact that The Politico’s Ben Smith was a member of the Obama-supporting Journolist cabal: Our experience with Journolist member (and committed Obama operative) Ben Smith during the 2008 general election:

The McCain campaign approached us with a story they had on Obama, which needed a second source to confirm.  They had found a young woman in Hyde Park who had played with the older Obama girl on occasion, and knew about babysitting William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn did for the Obama girls.  The young woman was the daughter of a McCain supporter in Hyde Park (probably the only McCain supporter in Hyde Park), and was barely a teenager.  The McCain camp went to Ben Smith with this story, but he refused to look into it because the only witness to the Ayers/Dohrn babysitting operation was a teenaged girl who happened to be the daughter of a McCain supporter.

We were charged with finding someone else who could verify that Ayers/Dohrn babysat the Obama girls.  We brought their old swimming instructor up, and Ben Smith shot that person (now a respected advertising executive) down because she, too, was a Republican and a McCain supporter.  So, Ben Smith refused to do a write-up on the Ayers/Dorhn babysitting…despite getting two different people who didn’t know each other to verify that this happened on more than one occasion.

When you look at a map of the Hyde Park area, you see Louis Farrakhan, the Obama/Rezko Mansion, and the William Ayers residence in very close proximity to one another…about as close to each other as The Gap, Banana Republic, and Express are to each other in a typical suburban mall.  Walking distance.  So close, young children could easily walk between the houses without parents worrying about them.

That story was one of many that could have deep-sixed the Obama campaign, but thanks to Journolister, Ben Smith, it was the story that was deep sixed.


Pundit and Pundette: Stanley Kurtz is back, with a book: Radical-in-Chief

I became a huge fan of Stanley Kurtz during the 2008 campaign. Dr. Kurtz, a painstaking, scholarly, responsible researcher, was, in my view, foremost among those happy few who dug deep into the question the liberal media struggled so very hard to ignore — Who is Barack Obama? Of course, Kurtz received the smear treatment for his efforts.

I have wondered what he’s been up to since then. Now we know:

Like Pundette, I  became a Stanley Kurtz fan during the 2008 election, too. Can’t wait to read his new book to see what else he was able to dig up.

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks!



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