Local 237 Teamster President Forcing Union Members to Attend One Nation Rally

Someone over at The Blaze is listening to The Ed (Genius-envy) Schulz Show so you don’t have to.

Check out Teamsters local 237 president Gregory Floyd telling Schultz that his members, the “have-nots”,  are going to the the lefty Moonbat One Nation rally because they HAVE TO GO. (But they also want to, we just have to take his word for it).

So, so sad:

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hJNRgoDSCgI%2Em4v%5D

Gee, what’s a Teamster to do if he can’t secure a seat on one of the buses after being forced to go?

It seems the one thing Floyd’s army of ‘have-nots’ doesn’t have, is freedom.

Whatever size the One Nation rally turns out to be, this should be kept in mind.

There hasn’t been a tea party held anywhere in the United States where participants were recruited, forced, paid, cajoled, or in any other way pressured into going.

Hat tip: Bungalow Bill’s

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Union leaders are trying to convince members that this rally represents mainstream America. Go look again at the participating  groups that One Nation proudly displays on its website.



4 thoughts on “Local 237 Teamster President Forcing Union Members to Attend One Nation Rally

  1. rallyo? Yikes. Fixed that.

    Considering that Obama is having a hard time filling auditoriums, even at $50 a head, maybe this is the only way the Left is going to get people to come.

    Well, yeah. But we’ll still have to listen to libs and the MSM (but I repeat myself) crow about the *impressive* numbers at the rally.


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