NRCC Ad For Vicky Hartzler: Ike Skelton Lost

As in , he’s lost his way.

This ad is great. I saw it on t.v., today, during the local news hour – I love that the The National Republican Congressional Committee is spending money on Hartzler’s campaign. It means they think she has a decent shot at “spiking Ike”:

It’s sad to see how far Skelton has fallen. He’s gotten a lot of support from Republicans over the years in the heavily R district 4 in MO, because he started off as a Truman Democrat, as John Gizzi at Human Events recently reported:

When Ike Skelton was Democratic chairman of Lafayette County Missouri in the 1960s and state legislator in the early’70s, he talked and voted pretty much like his political hero, Harry Truman.

As a first-time candidate for Congress in 1976 in a district that included Truman’s home town of Independence, Skelton stumped as a fiscal conservative, a friend of the military and a supporter of farmers.

But what a difference 34 years in Congress and a lot of political power make. Now 78 and chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Skelton has followed the path of many other onetime Truman Democrats who are now Pelosi Democrats. Rated 56% (higher than Mike Castle) by the American Conservative Union in his first year in the House, Skelton’s most recent (2009) ACU rating had plummeted to 21%.

Now, the entrenched incumbent seems to feel that the seat is his for life, and he’s not above a little shameless mud-slinging to keep it that way.

Taking a page out of Sarah Palin’s (Face)book, Vicky has taken to writing posts on her own Facebook page to defend herself. She recently responded to the smears that are coming from the Skelton Campaign. It’s important for her to get the truth out because Skelton has a massive campaign war chest, and has been hitting her hard with  lies and half truths:

The Truth About My Pro-Military, Pro-Gun Views


Ike Skelton, the 34-year Democrat incumbent who votes with Nancy Pelosi 95 percent of the time in the U.S. House, is making false charges about my record in strong support of our military, and our gun rights and Second Amendment freedom. It’s shameful. As soon as I was nominated, Ike Skelton went negative with false ads. He is lying because he is in trouble, has no good answers for himself and his very liberal voting record, and is desperate.

First, Mr. Skelton ran a false ad claiming I voted anti-National Guard in the 1990s in the Missouri House. The truth is that I voted consistently pro-Guard, including tens of millions of dollars in funding. I am very pro-military. The bill Mr. Skelton cites came to the House from the Senate. It had a lot of good provisions in it for our military. What Congressman Skelton doesn’t tell you is that it had one terrible provision for our military. An amendment was added to siphon money away from our veterans – money which had been going to the construction and maintenance of veterans’ homes and veterans’ cemeteries. This broke faith with veterans and voters by changing the voter-enactment gaming revenues that had been set aside for veterans.

Veterans in my district opposed this raid, and are still angry. I stood up for our veterans and voted “no” to protect veterans from an unconscionable raid on their funding, with special concern for our men and women who had served and sacrificed. They deserved better.  Promises made; promises kept!

Second, Mr. Skelton claims falsely that I voted against the right to carry firearms. Untrue!  I voted “yes” on right to carry in April 1999. I received the top rating (A) from the NRA throughout my tenure in the Missouri Legislature. I am an NRA member, have been a gun owner since I was a child, and have received the endorsements of Gun Owners of America and the Western Missouri Shooters Alliance. I opposed the House plan to abandon passing right to carry and instead put our Second Amendment freedom out for a public referendum.  Second Amendment rights should not be subjected to a popular vote!

After right to carry went down to defeat at the polls, legislators came back and did what I supported all along: They enacted right to carry by taking a principled constitutional stand for the rights of gun owners.

Ike Skelton sadly chooses to launch false and misleading allegations against me as a way to avoid talking about his bad votes with Nancy Pelosi such as voting for ‘cap and trade’, the unconstitutional “Slaughter Strategy” to pass Pelosi’s health care bill, runaway spending, the hate crimes bill, support for illegal immigrants, and government bailouts which have put our country into perilous debt.

The truth should never be a casualty of a career politician’s desire to hold onto a job at all costs.  Help us spread the word about Mr. Skelton’s lies and smears.  Please pass this message on to your friends and neighbors.



And as John Gizzi notes, Hartzler is what observers on the right are calling “the complete package”:

—someone who can mobilize cultural conservatives as well as the “Tea Partiers,” whose major concern is spending and the Constitution.

Hartzler at Old Settlers’ Days (Waynesville) July, 2010.

She’s “100% pro-life” and was the spokeswoman for the group behind Missouri’s marriage amendment. They energized voters, and the amendment was enacted with 71% of the vote.

She also fought  in the trenches on behalf of Proposition C, which Missouri voters passed resoundingly earlier this year and which denies government the power to mandate that citizens buy health insurance.

With similar measures on the November ballot in Oklahoma and Arizona, Missourians, in Hartzler’s words, “have started a fire from the heartland.”

As for her agenda in Congress, the Republican hopeful says without hesitation: “First, we have to repeal Obamacare and then we have to take a good hard look at runaway spending and a burdensome regulatory system. I don’t have a ‘to do’ list for when I’m elected. I have an ‘undo’ list.”

Here’s an appearance Vicky made on the Chris Stigall Show in August:

Vicky Harztler’s campaign website is here.


New Website: Don’t Be A Lame Duck

This fall, after the Democrat Socialists lose one or both houses of Congress, many expect the “lame duck” session (before the new Congress gets sworn in) to become a whirlwind of far left legislative activity.

The Family Reseach Council has created a new website,, and a promotional video featuring Dale Peterson, who is armed, and not in any mood to put up with dem lame ducks, iykwimaityd.

From the, website:

Unless there’s a major swing in public opinion, the Democrats’ campaign season is shaping up to be more of a farewell tour. With their 19-month joyride coming to an end, members know that it could be “game over” for their ultra-Left agenda. But if Pelosi’s party takes a beating on November 2nd, members will have plenty of time in November and December to exact revenge in what is known as a “lame-duck” session. If liberals couldn’t be restrained with their jobs on the line, they certainly won’t think twice about abusing their power on the way out the door.

What if Democratic leaders are saving their most controversial issues until after November when voters are powerless to do anything about it? That’s a question more insiders are beginning to ask as big ticket legislation on spending, the military, global warming and campaign finance sit curiously idle.

Unfortunately for the American people, that could mean everything from forcing open homosexuality on the military and overturning the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) to legislation attacking pregnancy care centers and the pro-life Hyde Amendment. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) could squeak through, along with “card check” and cap-and-tax legislation. And that’s not all. You can also expect some of the most notorious porkers in Congress to receive major parting gifts from the Appropriations Committee. Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) is one member who notes the trouble ahead. “Members of Congress are supposed to represent their constituents, not override them like sore losers in the lame-duck session.”

Of course, “representing their constituents” hasn’t exactly been a hallmark of this majority. But it’s never too late to start! Please sign our petition asking Members of Congress to respect the wishes of voters after the election and leave the policy-making to the next Congress.

Be sure to sign their petition:

Due to retirements and defeats at the polls, it is very likely many who currently serve in Congress will not be part of the 112th Congress. However these “lame-duck” politicians who have lost their elections and thereby feel that they no longer answer to the voters-are planning to pursue a full, radical leftist agenda when they return between Election Day and the beginning of the new Congress in January. The American people simply cannot let that happen and you must remember you work for them. We demand that Congress not use this opportunity to pass any significant controversial pieces of legislation during this time.

“Say no to a lame-duck Congress!”

Hat tip: Jill Stanek on a tip from Infidel Joe.