Stop Action Photos: Newbie Asks Obama Her First Question

CNN reporter Jessica Yellin got her first chance to ask the President a question, today.

Jessica Yellin. Congratulations, your first question here.

Thank-you, Mr. President…

No pressure. You’re going to do great. (Laughter.)

Thank you. Your administration has laid out four different dates by which you’ve said that the debt ceiling must be raised or the U.S. would face potential dire consequences. Three of those dates have come and gone and we haven’t faced financial calamity. Some of your critics have argued that these are then scare tactics to force a deal. So why should the American people believe that the August 2nd deadline is the final deadline by which a deal must be raised? And would you also spell out for us what you believe will happen if the debt ceiling is not raised by that date?

Jessica, let’s  be clear….

See Ace of Spades HQ for more analysis of his presser: Obama: I’m Not Angry With You. I’m Just Disappointed.

and Obama’s Absolutely Unbelievable Press Conference

Video at Gateway Pundit.

Stop action photo idea borrowed from Doug Ross.


4 thoughts on “Stop Action Photos: Newbie Asks Obama Her First Question

  1. Obama: I’m in charge and Congress, the Judicial Branch and every American work for me. The Constitution does not apply to me, only to others. That is all you need to know. Where are my golf clubs?


  2. That may well also be Ms Yellin’s last question. It’s the kind of question Helen Thoma used to hurl at GWB; the accusation framed as a question (“You said the country would collapse. You lied. What about it?”).

    Another handy rule of thumb: whenever someone posts a deadline, and the deadline passes, and nothing happens, then they post another deadline, and again nothing happens … ignore them hereafter.


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