Video: Jacob Turk Announces Candidacy For Congress (MO-5)

A crowd assembles at Union station in Kansas City to hear Turk’s announcement.

On Monday, Dec.12, 2011, Jacob Turk held a press conference in front of supporters at Union Station in Kansas City to announce his candidacy for Congress in Missouri’s 5th district. This is his fourth attempt at unseating Emanuel “Spittlegate” Cleaver, after coming within single digits in 2010.

Stressing the need for a serious congressman in district 5 who will address the pressing issues of  jobs, fiscal responsibility, and restoring integrity and honor in DC,  Turk stated that we can turn things around with leadership constituents can trust.

I managed to get a question in after the presser was over:

You can contribute to Turk’s campaign, here.

13 thoughts on “Video: Jacob Turk Announces Candidacy For Congress (MO-5)

  1. Jacob is offering real solutions to the 5th district’s problems. D.C. needs people who understand the problems that small business owners face. The last thing D.C. and the people of Missouri’s 5th need is a career politician.


  2. The 2010 Turk campaign came within 9 measly points of bumping the entrenched Cleaver from his very comfy DC seat. How? With determination and a LOT of hard work. What I have seen of Jacob Turk has led me to firmly believe that he IS the right man at the right time for THIS job. really happy to know that he is running again!


  3. I am so glad to see Jacob Turk running again. He came very close to unseating Clever last time, let’s see it happen this time! I love his fiscal stance on the economy, creating an environment in the business sector that will increase jobs, and returning healthcare to the individual except in cases of the truly needy.


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  5. Cheers to a genuine, conservative gentleman. Unlike the incumbent career politician, Jacob Turk is an outstanding fit for the 5th Congressional District of Missouri. This district not only needs change, but it needs change for the better. Jacob Turk is the man for the job! TURK FOR CONGRESS!


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