After Attending Twice As Many Fund-Raisers, Obama Raises Less Cash Than Bush Did In 2003

This is your feel-good story of the day, even though the AP is spinning Obama’s fund-raising efforts as an overwhelming triumph, dwarfing his competition, and making him an unstoppable political juggernaut.  John Nolte at Big Journalism is having none of that. Context is everything, you see.

Turns out, Obama is working twice as hard to make less than Bush did in 2003 –

Obama/DNC fundraising not only dropped off for the AP’s Precious One, but without even adjusting for eight years of inflation, President FailureTeleprompter was unable to beat the amount of money raised by the evil Bush/Cheney at this same time during their 2003 reelection effort. And I think we all remember how, at this same time, Bush was being pounded and demonized relentlessly by the corrupt MSM (including the AP) over Iraq. And yet, he raised more money than Obama.

How about that.

Read how the AP turned lemons into lemonade for Obama at Big Journalism.

After all of those campaign stops (many at taxpayer expense), and all of those undignified fund-raising emails begging for $3.00 for a chance to have dinner with the Emperor, and he still  isn’t raising as much as the eeevil Bush did.


WHD: Messina Scolds Slack Obama Donors:

Obama Campaign Chairman Jim Messina gave President Obama’s supporters a bit of his mind this morning, scolding them in video and email messages for failing to pony up enough cash for Obama’s reelection effort.

“We have a challenge I want to talk to you about . . . that keeps coming up,” a perturbed looking Messina said in the video, which you can see below. “Too many Obama supporters think we don’t need their money, or we don’t need their money now,” Messina grumbled. “I totally get why people think that, but they’re completely wrong.”

Messina accused his own supporters for having a sense of complacency.

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks!

8 thoughts on “After Attending Twice As Many Fund-Raisers, Obama Raises Less Cash Than Bush Did In 2003

  1. Heck, the last I heard Mr. Marxist was headed full-on to a nearly $1B war chest, enough to keep the Super Bowl running for years, let alone dumping 6 fathoms of Mississippi mud on all the Repub contenders. What’s happened to all his Wall Street buddies, like Goldman-Sachs?


  2. Wait until the general election. The MSM will be a non-stop free political commercial for him. He and all his supporters know it. Why haven’t I heard any of the candidates talking about him signing an executive order postponing tens of thousands of illegals because of an earthquake back in 2001? No, we’re talking about Bain capital and putting capitalism on trial (not socialism;capitalism). Newt and company are spending millions trying to create soundbites for Obama to use in the general against Romney (if he does get the nomination) at the expense of the Republican Party and the country for that matter. He sees his numbers plummet by doing this and he keeps doing it. He tells a soldier he made a mistake doing it, blames Obama (huh?) and then denies it and goes full steam ahead. He says he’s a “Reagan conservative” because it is a catchy phrase, calls Romney a “Massachusetts moderate” because it’s a catchy phrase, and then acts like Charlie Christ in the last Florida senate race against Rubio. If I were an Obama supporter I’d keep my money in my pocket because he won’t need it against Santorum, Newt, Perry, Huntsman, or Paul.

    The Left must be laughing their asses off now. Conservative talk show hosts that we love and listen to every day are trashing Romney every single day non-stop quoting him from two decades ago, trashing or questioning ultra-conservatives that came out to support Romney, and Tea Party favorites that endorsed him have now gone off the reservation or are crazy. They have almost completely ignored Romney’s positions as they are TODAY, instead insist on believing that he would rather make a complete and utter fool of himself if he ever did the opposite rather that accept that Romney has evolved the way most of us have.

    They think Santorum can win and wouldn’t be disappointed if Newt were the nominee. Conservatives that pay attention of course know Rick Santorum and love the guy. Nobody out there in voter land knows him and if they do and don’t pay attention like we do they think he’s a religious zealot and nothing more. He has no name recognition, no infrastructure and no money. They know who Romney is though. The difference between THIS election and the last one is that Romney was the guy they supported as the conservative AND he had name recognition and money. This time around facing an incumbent President they want the Cinderella man (not sure which one but it’s not Romney) to somehow get the nomination and pull off a come from behind victory against all odds. And it appears they’re pissed off that most of us aren’t falling for that Fairy Tale. Not with Obama facing a lame duck 4 year presidency unleashed to do what he really wants to do with a cowardly congress. They keep preaching that we shouldn’t “settle” in this election and of course imply that to support Romney would be “settling.” OK, I, and others won’t “settle”. I won’t settle for someone that can’t even get on the Virginia ballot. I won’t settle for someone that adopts an “anti-capitalism” stance during a Republican primary for their own political expediency. I won’t settle for someone that damages the Republican Party and enhances Obama in the general for their own narcissistic reasons who are a walking and talking timebomb ready to go off around October 2012. I won’t settle for any candidate that didn’t do the groundwork to have in place the infrastructure to take on Obama’s machine.


  3. May I go on? I won’t settle for a candidate where Barrack Obama can lecture THEM that he has more executive experience than they do and the American voters are forced to concede the point. I won’t settle for a candidate where Obama and his cronies can attack their personal lives and ultimately their character and prove how hypocritical and spiritually inept they really are. I won’t settle for someone that has to sign an absurd agreement NOT to cheat on their wife in order to convince people they are now moral people when the current President never cheated on his wife and is a “no brainer” for most of us. I refuse to settle for a candidate that didn’t debate well because I know what’s coming. I refuse to settle for a candidate that waited until he entered the Presidential race before he came up with an economic plan. I refuse to settle for anybody that didn’t have the guts and gravitas to enter the race early to face the slings and arrows of what has transpired and now thinks he or she can mosey on in and capture the nomination. Too late now. You had your chance and you let others put their asses on the line instead. Michele Bachmann put everything on the line, courageously took on Obama and his policies and it didn’t work out but she did it and she knew when to get out for the benefit of the Party and the country. I refuse to settle for any candidate that claims they have “evolved” but doesn’t recognize that other candidates are capable of the same thing. I refuse to settle for a candidate that isn’t serious about illegal immigration and doesn’t support E-verify which is a completely logical solution. I refuse to settle for a career politician who makes his living based upon the fact that he is or was a career politician. I refuse to settle for a politician turned lobbyist and then either disowns the fact he is indeed a lobbyist or tries to justify it. A normal person can’t become a Washington lobbyist and it reeks of corruption if that person was a Senator or a Speaker. I refuse to settle for a candidate that can’t even get over 10% of the vote in New Hampshire knowing that New Hampshire is a pretty good measure of the country in the general election. I refuse to settle on a candidate that tries to “suck in” another candidate for a “non-aggression” pact in order to take out someone else knowing that this would not be in the other candidates best interests. I refuse to settle for a candidate that doesn’t appear “presidential” while standing next to Barrack Obama, who is the complete caricature of what the Left wants to run against. I refuse to settle on a candidate that is endorsed by someone so blinded by ideology that they can’t recognize that people like Nikki Haley, Chris Christie, Christine O’Donnell, Senator Thune, a past president, many governors, John Bolten, and others aren’t intelligent enough to see what is clearly the case in this election or who decide to recite that Romney only has a certain amount of delegates and it’s not over but ignore that every early election is apportioned and not winner take all because if that were the case Romney would have every single one.

    I don’t like coronating anybody in a primary too early but this is NOT 1976. Gerald Ford wasn’t a socialist anti-American president with a billion dollars to spend on his re-election. Reagan gave him the good fight but he lost and so didn’t Ford. Obama is destroying this country more every day. Ford didn’t do that. Ford was never elected ever. Carter had been a governor. Nixon resigned in shame and Ford pardoned him. Where the hell do we get off comparing Reagan’s primary run with Romney’s in this election? Santorum is going to defeat Obama? Perry? They are the Ronald Reagans in 1976 without the name recognition, not in 1980.

    Picking our nominee early, in this particular case is the most pragmatic thing we can do if we hope to win the next election. If that nominee has been vetted, vetted again, and vetted some more and he’s leading what the hell are we doing? Are we taking the stance “Let’s force him to spend all his money defending “capitalism” instead of concentrating on Obama so he’ll be depleated of funds to fight him when the time comes.” Unlike the pundits and conservative talk show hosts’ opinions, this IS a foregone conclusion and it has been proven already, as early as it might appear. Our candidates have either imploded or not caught on with the voters and Romney is the clear frontrunner and gaining more support every day. Instead of pulling a tantrum let’s keep him honest and to the right on every issue instead of feeding the left with more ammunition and making him fodder for the general election.


  4. I didn’t utter a single negative word about Sarah Palin when she endorsed McCain over J. D. Heyworth in Arizona in the last election. I understood why she did it and quite frankly she is one of the few politicians I admire. I admit she can do no wrong in my eyes. Heyworth was much more conservative. I wanted her to run for President and I would have voted for her. Romney and Michele Bachmann are two others I admire. My dream ticket had two of the three running for President and Vice President. Sarah didn’t run. Michele is out now. That leaves Romney. I am heartbroken in a political sense that she obviously doesn’t like Romney and chooses to ignore the endorsement of the man that she supported for President, an American hero, and the Senator she chose over Heyworth in his support of Romney. Especially after he campaigned for both of them after he bowed out with class in the last election and worked for them. Her husband Todd endorsed Newt. Newt says that she thinks Romney is the weakest candidate in the race. If that’s true I now have to question her judgement and political acumen. I understand her strong conservative principles and her courage to stand up for them but Newt is not weaker than Romney in the general election? Then she asked for Romney’s tax returns in the primary. Why? He’s not the nominee. Why should he even consider it at this time? Sarah, of all people, should know that you don’t feed the MSM with anything. How about Newt’s tax form and paperwork with Fannie Mae? Or for that matter all the tax returns of all the candidates. Then Sarah tried to justify Rick Perry (another person I admire) and the reasons why he would oppose Mitt on Bain and the anti-capitalist bullshit.

    Sarah has not endorsed any candidate. If her husband was used to endorse a candidate without really officially endorsing a candidate herself then I am offended and quite frankly disillusioned. She’s better than that. Let Romney defend himself or at least explain his differences. Let Romney articulate what his stances are currently and how he has evolved but this seems like a sneaky way of attacking and hurting the frontrunner because you don’t like him whether it was intended or not. Not once has that guy had an unkind word to say about Sarah Palin during or after the last election. Sarah-PAC, on the other hand, had commercials ridiculing him even when he wasn’t a candidate for anything because it was assumed that Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney would be adversaries in the 2012 election for President. Romney stepped up to the plate but Sarah didn’t. Now Newt’s the hero? How about Perry? The guy can’t get over 5% of the vote anywhere after his performance in the debates and his newfound anti-capitalist positions. I have no doubt that Sarah Palin believes that there is a chance that the most conservative Republican can still win and beat Obama but why not stay out of it completely if you’re not willing to make an endorsement? Why peck away at the frontfunner who for all intents and purposes agrees with every single stance you have currently… except he hasn’t held them as long as you or others?

    You want a hero? It’s the person that started working to defeat Obama the day after he got elected knowing what he was going to do to this country and her citizens, someone that put an organization in place to do same, took the time and money to make sure everything was in place while others were off doing other things and did so meticulously, and declared he was a candidate for President as soon as he could. Heroes don’t just make proclamations and witty soundbites against somebody else, they work day in and day out to actually achieve a goal and in this case to get a paria out of the whitehouse that’s killing this country every day. Heroes overcome obstacles and don’t whine when things don’t go their way. Heroes prove their worth under fire, not under the limelight. They remain steady not unhinged. They don’t do something to get a Fox gig or increase their speaking fees and then come to the realization they might have a chance to get a nomination before they get serious. They plod through knowing what they’re in for because of who they are. They know they’re going to take a daily beating in the MSM, the Conservative media, be repelled because of their religion, yet they keep going.

    I am so sick and tired of people shitting on that guy. I live in Massachusetts and know firsthand what he did and what he had to do in order to do it. People that know him personally have nothing but respect and admiration for him. Conservatives in Massachusetts love the guy. Cops and soldiers loved him. He was the tall guy with a broom sweeping up after a basketball game that his kids played in without fanfare or cameras. He doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall but as a taxpayer in Massachusetts I sure know him and respect what he did for us.


  5. “After all of those campaign stops (many at taxpayer expense), and all of those undignified fund-raising emails begging for $3.00 for a chance to have dinner with the Emperor, and he still isn’t raising as much as the eeevil Bush did.”

    Heck, I’d be half-tempted to donate the $3 just to make sure my name WASN’T on the list!

    And consider also the difference in the amounts claimed by GW and Mr. Liar-in-Chief that came/come from Wall Street Big Money. Mr. “Clean’s” percentage of money from Big Business is far higher. Probably because he has no problem with extortion, but that’s for another day.


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