Libs Using Maxed Out Race Card On a Daily Basis, Now

Remember: This administration is going to attempt whatever necessary to remain in power. Race. Intimidation. Media attacks. Division – divide and f***ing conquer.

I’ve been updating this post:  Obama Media Sycophants Renew Their Race Cards Just In Time For 2012 Election with the latest examples of Liberal race baiting.

I’m sure I missed some stories because there’s a gap between Jan 9 and the 16th, and they’ve been race-baiting  Repubs on an almost daily basis. It’s been especially bad for the past couple of days.

Jan 8:

Weasel Zippers: Former CNN Reporter Tells Al Sharpton: GOP Stuffed With Voters Who Want “Good Old Days of Jim Crow’”…

The latest liberal tendency — to try and cast Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum as racists, or cynical race-baiters to a party stuffed full of racists — is an absolute natural for “Reverend” Al Sharpton on MSNBC. On the Sharpton show “Politics Nation” on Friday night, former CNN reporter Bob Franken shoved both candidates into the mud for their talk of blacks and government dependency: “I think this is very intentional. I think it is part of a hateful campaign that is being very methodically run in the hope it`s going to appeal to voters who would love to see us return to the good old days of Jim Crow.”

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Jan 9:

Weasel Zippers: CNN Political Analyst: GOP Candidates Using “Planned, Seeded, On-Puropse” Racist Comments…

 On Sunday’s CNN Newsroom, host Don Lemon spoke with political analyst Goldie Taylor about recent racially-insensitive incidents among several GOP candidates. “Let’s be clear, these are not stumbles or miscues, these are absolutely planned, seeded, on-purpose stuff,” Taylor exclaimed.

UPDATE IV: (Jan. 16):

Weasel Zippers: Jesse Jackson Shockingly Plays The Race Card: Says It’s “Ironic” GOP Candidates Holding Debate on MLK Day While Running on Racist “States Rights” Platform…

Weasel Zippers: Romney Gives Struggling Black Woman Cash, MSNBC News Calls It Racist: “Patronizing Stereotype of Black People”…

Newsbusters: MSNBC ‘Now’ Panelists: Happy MLK Day, the GOP Is Racist!

Jan. 17:

Gateway Pundit: A New Low… Dem Clyburn: Romney Reminiscent Of Racists Who Kept Rosa Parks In Back Of Bus

The reaction of the SC debate crowd to Newt Gingrich’s smack-down of Juan William’s race baiting question at the debate last night should have sent a warning to racial demagogues – people are clearly fed up, and not  putting up with the racialist BS any longer.

Juan Williams was booed, and Gingrich was given a standing O for standing up to the demagoguery:

video via HotAirBlog

That won’t stop them, though – the race card has always been a powerful weapon for the left, and they won’t give up on it until it becomes a completely discredited laughingstock that has become a liability. Hence, the updates. Bookmark this post, and check back – I will continue to update as the election season wears on.

You can send me examples of the race card in action at nicedebsATgmailDOTcom.