House Republicans Play Hardball – Cut Justice Department Salaries Until They Answer Some Questions

I like it.

Ramping up the pressure on the stonewalling DOJ, The U.S. House of Representatives, today, passed by voice vote an amendment cutting Justice Department salaries until they fully answer questions on the failed gunwalking program.  Oversight Committee member and budding political rock star, Rep. Trey Gowdy (SC-4) sponsored the amendment, which cuts $1,000,000 from the Justice Department’s General Administration fund and is part of the FY 2013 DoJ Appropriation.

Last week, Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa circulated a briefing paper and draft contempt of Congress resolution against Attorney General Eric Holder for refusing to cooperate with the investigation of deadly Operation Fast and Furious.

“Congress has been patient – indeed too patient in my judgment – with the Department of Justice and its failure to comply with the lawful request for the production of documents,” said Rep. Gowdy.

Click here for a summary of the Gowdy Amendment.

You can learn more about the investigation at

See Also:

The Daily Caller: Democrat breaks ranks, supports Issa’s push to enforce Fast and Furious subpoena

Indiana Democratic Rep. Joe Donnelly told The Daily Caller on Tuesday that he supports the House oversight committee’s efforts to enforce the congressional subpoena of Attorney General Eric Holder over Operation Fast and Furious.

“One of the duties of Congress is to provide oversight of the Executive Branch,” Donnelly told TheDC. “There has been a serious allegation of federal law enforcement misconduct and we need to get to the bottom of this issue without playing partisan politics.”

Holder has demonstrably failed to comply with the congressional subpoena House oversight committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa served him on Oct. 12, 2011. Holder has failed to comply with all 22 categories of the subpoena that demands he provide documents related to Operation Fast and Furious. With 13 of the categories, Holder has provided no documents whatsoever. When it comes to the other nine subpoena categories, Holder is still far from compliant, as TheDC reported late last week.

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15 thoughts on “House Republicans Play Hardball – Cut Justice Department Salaries Until They Answer Some Questions

  1. Wow! The House Republicans are (finally) using the power of the purse strings to make the administration cooperate!

    Now, can you guys cut Obama’s salary? He’s got some `splainin to do, as well!


  2. Love the creative idea. Brilliant move on the Congressman’s part! With Dems crossing the aisle to support the Amendment… would be great to see Reid try to block this one in the Senate. Great to put the Senate Dems on the record of supporting or denouncing (not likely) the Fast & Furious gun-running scandal at Obama’s DOJ.


  3. The president’s salary cannot be reduced during his term. Article 2 Section, section 1, clause 7.


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  5. Of course I was goofin’! I thought the “He’s got some `splainin to do, as well!” (reference to Desi Arnez talking to Lucy) would have sufficed. Next time I’ll use the tag to remove all doubt. 🙂


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