Fox News Insiders: Is A Government Shutdown Inevitable? (Video)

“Is a government shutdown Monday night inevitable?” asked “Political Insiders” Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen, and John LeBoutillier with Gregg Jarrett on Fox News, yesterday afternoon. Naturally the Insiders think the Republicans are committing “Hari Kari” by employing the Defund strategy.  They’ve been warning against that for weeks, and say going with the Delay strategy is too late in coming. One thing they’ve got right, is the Republicans haven’t played their cards right. But I would say they haven’t been pushing hard enough against this unstable, untrusted, and scandal-plagued administration. I’ve been saying that for six months. This horrific Regime should have 0 credibility with the American people by now. The media have propped Obama up, and the Stupid Party have helped them do it.

Boehner didn’t put the Vitter Amendment in the House bill, “because they’re all in on this,” Caddell charged.  “Do you think the Republicans are in the tank?” Jarrett asked Caddell. “Well – yeah…what do you think?” Caddell answered, evoking Benghazi during the crosstalk. What a pathetic situation we’re in.

Obama’s poll numbers continue to look weak – but nowhere near as bad as they should be. The political insiders are way too impressed by poll numbers, by way. Leaders aren’t governed by polls..