Video: Bill O’Reilly Interviews Obama on ObamaCrash, Benghazi, IRS – Finds Not A ‘Smidgen Of Corruption’ Anywhere

No real answers – just a lot of dodges.


Would this face lie to you?

The first tough questions come early: “Should Kathleen Sebelius be fired?” Short answer – “no.” Long answer – too  ridiculous to bother transcribing – especially  “we hold everybody accountable up and down the line.” Might as well skip ahead to, “was it the biggest mistake of your presidency to tell the nation over and over ‘if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance.” Obama again tries to blame the confusion on the grandfathering clause, which he erroneously claimed meant that you were supposed to be able to keep your plans. The “grandfather” clause only allowed people to maintain plans in existence before the law was signed in March 2010.  O’Reilly should have called him out on that. Obama knew everyone would not be able to keep their plans. He went on to claim that “we” further grandfathered folks – I suppose meaning the unilateral executive directives he made to the insurance companies, which of course most are not able to do.

Then O’Reilly totally dropped the ball, saying, “it’s in the past, but isn’t that the biggest mistake?” Hey. Nobody cares how Obama quantifies his mistakes. I assume he’s just like the Honey Badger – “doesn’t give a sh*t.” How about calling the Naked Emperor out on his lies and embarrassing him on national television? Oh well – too much to ask, I guess.

O’Reilly then tried to pin him down on Benghazi – knowing that  General Ham had informed Panetta immediately that Benghazi was a terror attack, who had then informed Obama at their pre-scheduled 5:00 pm meeting.


Obama of course, answered that he characterized it as “an act of terror” the day after the attack and bloviated weakly about the fog of war etc, noting that “if you look at the videotape of this whole thing unfolding – this is not some systematic, well organized process.” To which I say – we’d be happy to look at the surveillance video – if the Regime would declassify it! He went on to say that it was a mix of folks who were “just troublemakers”, folks who have an ideological agenda, you have some who are affiliated with a terrorist organizations, you have some who are not, and the main thing that we have to take away from that is that our diplomats are serving in some very dangerous places.”  To which O’Reilly dryly responded, “I think everybody understands that…”

Here’s what The US Senate Intelligence Committee (which has seen the surveillance video) reported about this eclectic mix of trouble-making folks:

At approximately 9:40p.m. Benghazi time, on September 11, 2012, dozens of attackers easily gained access to the U.S. Temporary Mission Facility (hereinafter “the TMF,” “the Mission facility,” or “the Mission compound”) by scaling and then opening the front vehicle gate. Over the course of the entire attack on the TMF, at least 60 different attackers entered the U.S. compound and can be seen on the surveillance video recovered from the Mission facility.  The attackers moved unimpeded throughout the compound, entering and exiting buildings at will. After entering the Mission facility, the attackers used diesel fuel to set fire to the barracks/guard house of the Libyan 17tlt February Brigade militia, which served as a security force provided by the host nation for the Mission compound, and then proceeded towards the main buildings of the compound.


Attack on the CIA Annex from Approximately 11 :56 p.m. until 1 :00 a.m. The U.S. personnel evacuating the Mission facility were followed by some of the attackers to the CIA Annex nearby.27 Although officially under cover, the Annex was known by some in Benghazi as an American facility. At approximately 11 :56 p.m. Benghazi time, sporadic arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) were fired at the Annex.28 Over the next hour, the Annex took sporadic small arms fire and RPG rounds, the security team returned fire, and the attackers dispersed. It is likely U.S. personnel injured or possibly killed some of the attackers during the exchange of fire. “[T]hey probably took casualties. I’m quite sure they took casualties,” according to the Chief ofBase. Attack on the CIA Annex at Approximately 5: 15 a.m. At approximately 5:00 a.m. ]3enghazi time, the security team from Tripoli arrived at the Annex just moments before the third attack that night. At approximately 5: 15 a.m. Benghazi time, mortar rounds began to hit the Annex. Two security officers, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, were killed when they took direct mortar fire as they engaged the enemy from the roof of the Annex.  The mortar fire also seriously injured one other security officer and one DS special agent, necessitating the evacuation of the Annex.  That attack lasted only 11 minutes, then dissipated. The mortar fire was particularly accurate, demonstrating a lethal capability and sophistication that changed the dynamic on the ground that night. According to testimony by the Chief of Base, it was only after this third wave of attacks, when the mortars hit, that he decided it was necessary to evacuate the personnel from the Annex.

I can totally see why anyone privy to that information would think, “spontaneous demonstration!”

Then Obama had the nerve to say, “we revealed to the American people exactly what we understood at the time”, leaving an opening the size of the Grand Canyon for Bill to say, “No you didn’t, you said it was a spontaneous demonstration over a youtube video when you immediately knew that it wasn’t.” Obama also suggested that “multiple hearings” on Benghazi have found no wrongdoing on anyone’s part.

Obama’s best defense was the fact that the truth eventually came out, meaning the Regime is pretty pathetic at cover-ups, or something. I think it just means that their first instinct is to lie during a crisis, (knowing that the MSM has their back.) O’Reilly missed a huge opportunity to ask the Commander in Chief what he was doing during those 7 hours that the attack was unfolding.

O’Reilly then turned to the IRS scandal, asking why former IRS Chief Doug Shulman visited the White House 157 times. Obama, of course answered that those were routine meetings concerning ObamaCare. He responded to O’Reilly’s skepticism  by claiming again (!)”there have been multiple hearings on this”, pretending everything has been resolved when it hasn’t..   Issa has promised more hearings, this year. When asked if he believes there was no corruption involved, Obama says, “absolutely……not even a smidgen of corruption.”


The Obama thugocracy aka Chicago on the Potomac, is as pure as the wind-driven snow.

Editors note: More information has been added since this was first posted.

Jeanine Pirro Critiques Obama’s SOTU Speech: Gloomy Skies Until 2016

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Here’s an idea, she suggested, “take that pen and approve the keystone pipeline.”  She continued,  “take that pen and send a message to Eric Holder to stop your crusade against Catholics and the Little Sisters of the poor!”

“The sun ain’t coming out tomorrow, and there’ll be gloomy skies until at least 2016”, Pirro concluded.


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Your Sunday Hymn: Shepherd Of My Heart

Not to be confused with the Sandy Patty or Johnny Cash hymns of the same name, this Shepherd of my Heart is by Father Francis Patrick O’Brien and is often sung at funerals. It was sung here  during the Golden and Silver Jubilee Mass on July 27, 2013 at Mount Sacred Heart as the Responsorial Psalm.  Sr. Mariette Moan, Sr. Angela Gertsema, Sr. Colleen Patricia Mattingly, Sr. Cara Grace Kissel, and Christina Skelley led the congregation in singing and were accompanied by Sr. Virginia Herbers on piano.