Video: Ann Coulter’s Controversial Immigration Briefing With #CPAC2014 Bloggers

You may or may not have heard about a controversy sparked by Ann Coulter, last Saturday during CPAC. During a bloggers briefing held by the Eagle Forum on immigration reform, Ann made a rape analogy that caused some outrageous outrage on the left and caused consternation on the right:

“This isn’t natural. You have, especially on places like my favorite network, for humor, is MSNBC — and you know, they’re smearing, ‘Oh, Republicans just have to get used to it, the country is changing.’ No, this isn’t a natural process. It’s like you’re being raped and the guy is telling you, ‘Sorry, my penis is in you. Nothing you can do about it. No, you’re raping me!’”

Conservative blogger Marooned in Marin believes the “obscene comment” overshadowed the briefing. I think he’s right, and wonder if perhaps it was by design. Coulter sometimes cranks her comments up a few amps when she feels like an issue is getting overshadowed by left wing propaganda. She is often outrageously outrageous by design. If you watch all the videos I took at the briefing, you’ll note how frustrated she was that even Fox news often gets the facts wrong,  falling into the default PC liberal narrative. The conservative argument against amnesty is given short shrift by the media. Enter Ann Coulter drawing attention to a conservative argument as only she can.

Besides Coulter, this highly informative immigration briefing featured Steven Camarota of Center for Immigration Studies, Glyn Wright from the Eagle Forum and the group’s founder, legendary conservative powerhouse Phyllis Schlafly.

In the first video, Phyllis Schlafly talks about the many polls that show that recent immigrants are well to the left of the American public.

Coulter’s rape comment comes at the end of this video.

Part two of Coulter’s comments.

 Coulter’s Q & A with the bloggers:

6 thoughts on “Video: Ann Coulter’s Controversial Immigration Briefing With #CPAC2014 Bloggers

  1. Something major has been transpiring with Ann over the last several years. I haven’t been able to put my finger on it, but I think most conservatives have noticed some major changes evolving from her.

    First off her obsessive infatuation with Crisco. I think most conservatives were thrilled with him initially because of his outspokenness and his willing to take on the Teachers Union in New Jersey. For most though I think the love affair quickly faded as more and more of his positions became known and put into place there. That lasted for a very long time with Ann and slowly diminished but eventually evolved. In the end he was just another northeast/modern day establishment/democrat lite/rino republican. . . . . maybe worse.

    Her support for Mitt Romney during the primaries was over the top as she promoted him as the “only” conservative in the race and the only one who could win the general. When the inevitability of his candidacy came about most conservatives found themselves holding their noses once again and would rally behind another establishment {no conservative} republican and pull the lever once again. That is except for the 3 million who weren’t going to take it anymore and decided to sit home for the election. .

    As recently as last night on Hannity she continues to bad mouth the Tea Party, while claiming to support them. Sean challenged her on it. Her article this week is supporting Mitch da Biotch for re-election in Kentucky and touts his accomplishments. REALLY, Ann? Ever since the Delaware Senate election when Christine O’Donnell unseated the incumbent rino, Ann has continuously bludgeoned Christine as a airhead. For some reason she just won’t let it go and continues to go after others who were Tea Party supported candidates in those races. While they may not have been the best candidates around, at least they stepped up and tried to take on the rino establishment, in my view.

    Ann’s influence amongst conservatives is and has been diminishing over the last several years. Her controversial nature was always more palatable when she was firing outward, not inward. Another one who has conveniently forgotten Reagan’s Eleventh Commandant.


  2. Ann is a strategic thinker who pushes the most conservative candidate she thinks has the best chance of winning (the Buckley Rule.) In 2011, she was pushing Chris Christie because of his highly valuable ability to go over the heads of the media to get his message out. He’s a guy she thought would have broad appeal in the general.

    But since she’s been focusing heavily on immigration for the past few years, she dropped him like a hot potato as soon as his liberal views in immigration came to light.

    Of the weak stable of candidates Republicans had in 2012, she saw Romney as the one who had the best chance of winning in the general. I know a lot of conservatives (not RINOs) who thought the same thing.

    I think she was wrong about Christine O’Donnell being an airhead but it’s true that O’Donnell was far too conservative for DE in 2010. I stayed away from commenting on that race because although I liked O’Donnell, I knew she had no chance of winning.

    Ann is right that there are some tea party shysters out there money grubbing and out for themselves but she was wrong to lump Freedomworks and Club for Growth in with them.. Ann usually does her research, and if she had before she slammed them, she would have known that they’ve been around for a long time, preaching for limited government. The shysters formed after the tea party became popular, have “tea party” somewhere in their names, and do nothing but fund-raise.

    I do agree with her about directing our fire at the Democrats and not the people closest to us. Not that there aren’t worthwhile primary fights out there. I’m all for ridding the Senate of Lindsey Graham, for instance. But I don’t buy all the anti-McConnell hysteria (he’s the best we have on protecting the 1st Amendment rights) and fear that Bevin will do enough damage to McConnell in a bloody primary fight (that Bevin won’t win) he’ll cripple him in the general. I don’t like the abuse conservatives are heaping on McConnell right now, at all.

    (Kentuckians for Strong Leadership released the poll Monday, showing McConnell ahead of Bevin by a 61-23 margin among likely voters.)

    We are supposed to be picking up Senate seats this year — not losing them.

    That said, I would like to see new Republican leadership in the House and Senate when the smoke clears next year.


  3. We can totally agree that the leadership {of both Houses } from top to bottom needs to be changed.

    Ann is being pretty selective in this weeks article picking and choosing which facts she’d like to address. Not to mention reaching pretty deep into the archives for some of the items. Campaign finance reform? McConnell like most conservatives who have been elected to office, always seems to forget what got them there. They loose their conservatism and strut around claiming to be foot soldiers from the Reagan revolution. When in fact many of them that were there during that time {including McLame } weren’t foot soldiers, they got dragged along in the parade.

    McConnell went totally MIA during the entire Rubio Immigration debate that took place in the Senate. When he felt it was absolutely safe he popped his head out and made a appearance. Then when it was evident that the Bill was going to pass anyway, Mitch cast his “no” vote. Then the last charade in the Senate when Ted Cruz forced a floor vote, it was Mitch along with Harri Weed who kept the floor votes open and their caucus huddled in their conference rooms and broke peoples arms when their vote needed to be changed. Once again he cast a “safe” no vote. He gets out maneuvered by Weed every session and when the fight gets tough he disappears. There is NO “profile in courage” when it comes to Mitch. He needs to go, unfortunately he’ll probably survive the primary but, don’t be shocked if he looses the general election to Grimes.

    Matt Bevin hasn’t ever been close to Mitch to do any damage to him. His demoCrap opponent Grimes is out raising Mitch ever since she announced she was running against him. And she has been doing it in Mitch’s own backyard, by picking his pockets. The only thing Mitch has going for him is his “war chest” and John Cornyn sitting in his back pocket. Grimes is currently a State Office holder and comes from a long line of demoCrap politicians in Kentucky. The truth is between Mitch’s ads, the Senatorial Committee ads, and Karl Rove’s ads, versus the ads that Bevin and any special interest or Tea Party interests are running are miniscule. McConnell is not liked any longer by the vast majority of conservatives in Kentucky, they aren’t happy with him, they just don’t think that Bevin is able and capable of taking him out. McConnell’s biggest threat always has been himself and then Grimes. In that order.

    Goober Graham in South Carolina has currently FIVE primary challengers. If my life depended on it I couldn’t name all five of them and since any of them have announced they would challenge him I have seen exactly one candidates commercials that has run 3 or 4 times on television. They have announced and them disappeared into the woodwork never to be heard of again. The only hope in South Carolina is that Goober doesn’t get 50 percent of the vote and has a run off, but I wouldn’t count on it.

    I think there are many people upset with the Freedomworks situation and believe that the alleged shenanigans that surrounded the departure of Armey and the allegations of some current people have greatly hurt the organization. Ann made sure she took a shot at them last night {if you knew the references she used } on Hannity. IMHO conservatives are sick and tired of electing candidates who promise one thing, then get to D.C. and do something else. Then when the weasels like Jeb, Coleman, Fliescher and others decide to make their beds with the likes of Zuckerberg and push amnesty they no longer know who to trust anymore. Boehner is hell bent on pushing immigration reform, right after this election. Ryan, Cantor and other have said they intend to do it. If there is anything that pretty much “unites” the conservative base it’s immigration reform and amnesty. It will be the end of the republican party and probably the Country shortly after.

    There is a old rule in war. . . .if you decide to take out the king, you better make sure you do it, because most likely you aren’t going to survive the outcome if he survives. The republican leadership have made a decision to take out the Tea Party members of the party. That became very evident when Boehner removed all of them from committee positions after the ’12 election cycle. The war that took place in the Senate was much more obvious and public, since that happened on the floor initially then taken publicly after in the media. McConnell and Boehner have both announced they are going to destroy the Tea Party.

    We are headed for the same fate as the Whigs here.


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