ZOMG, Game Over Man! Obama Beating Romney 51/44 in WaPo/ABC poll!

Obama’s just a juggernaut who can’t be stopped. He’s unbeatable. We should just curl up in the fetal position and die because Obama’s “progressive” policies are just so so popular with the American people there’s no way the troglodyte Rethugs can compete… Women are flocking to O because they know Republicans want to take away birth control rights. What can we do?  We’re sunk! Whatev— What?


What happens when you switch from a D+4 to a D+11 in measuring Obama’s standing?  Suddenly, his job approval goes from 46% to 50% — actually, a rather weak gain given the sampling distortion in the poll.  Not coincidentally, the last time Obama hit 50% in this poll was in February, which also had a D+11 sample, after January’s D+7.  Adding seven points to the Democratic advantage impacted Obama’s performance in all areas, although perhaps not as much as the editors had hoped:

  • Economy — Up six points from 38% to 44%
  • International affairs — Down two points from January’s poll, 47% from 49%
  • Right/wrong direction – Up three points from January

Now, with a D+11 and Republicans only comprising 23% of the respondents in this poll, one should be seeing huge leads for Obama in the head-to-head matchups.  Instead, Obama lead Romney by only eight among general-population adults, 51/43, barely getting into majority territory, and Santorum by ten, 51/41.  Among registered voters, Obama leads Romney by seven, 51/44 — in both cases, smaller than the artificial sample advantage of the poll.  In fact, adding seven more points to the Democratic advantage only resulted in Obama’s support growing by five points since March, and Romney’s dropped only four in that period.  Once again, the numbers are almost exactly like February’s poll, with its matching D+11 sample.

Expect more examples of MSM polls tipping the scales in O’s favor,  this year.  This is going to keep happening. Our best defense is to laugh at it.

It’s encouraging that more and more people are on to it. Knowledge is power.

MORE excellent  analysis of the poll via DeTechGuy:

This tells us several very important things:

1. This poll’s purpose is to deceive:

a…This poll is meant to create the image of success to those who pay no attention to the news who will hear this report only in passing.
b…This poll is meant to create an narrative of success to the far left who will ignore any news source not approved by the left.
c…This poll is meant to convince democratic donors that their contributions are going to a winner.

2. The attempt by the MSM & White House to sell “an economy in recovery” has failed:

a…Even a skewed poll can’t get the president over 50% any issue concerning the economy.
b…No amount of MSM messaging can overcome the reality of the Obama years
c…With the economy a loser the MSM will continue to push every other possible issue on the map.

3.  All this talk about the GOP in trouble is false

a…You don’t create a false narrative if you have a true narrative showing you are in good shape.
b…The “War on Women” and Rough GOP primary memes have failed to move voters
c…The actual news is so bad for the president that the media dare not report it.
d…The Media and the Democrats know and understand what the actual situation is and are actively attempting to hide it.

All of this points to a single reality: 2012 is poised to be a disaster for Democrats.

Dick Morris made the same point in commenting on some deceptive polls, last week.


Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, and Doug Ross in Larwyn’s Links, thanks!


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7 Responses to “ZOMG, Game Over Man! Obama Beating Romney 51/44 in WaPo/ABC poll!”

  1. Annie Says:

    Consider the sources: 2 very liberal news outlets, ABC and Wash Post; the sample, I would venture a guess, was about 100% liberal voters and the sample was 20 voters.


  2. reliapundit Says:


    34% DEM
    24% REP
    34% IND




  3. Carlos Says:

    The “sample” pool was undoubtedly composed primarily of D.C. government drones or, in the alternative, a combination of D.C. government drones and government drones from Maryland and Massachusetts.

    But what with our ever-vigilant government giving up any pretense of having control over the voting results, does it make any difference? Hasn’t the winner and the winning margin already been determined?


  4. Patrick Says:

    The “Aliens” reference in your heading for this is wonderful, Deb. Thank you.


  5. Dave Wigs Says:

    I find it interesting that the lame stream media puts so much credence into these polls. The crafting of the poll questions as well as the region and pool demographics are deliberately slanted to favor the outcome that the commissioner of the poll is looking for. What i find even more interesting is the lack of investigatory impartial journalism of substance in the network and cable news. Why bother with that when ABC can commission a poll and then have a panel of “experts” discuss and analyze the results for a week. WHAT BS.

    Their is so many issues with the Obama Administration that are so wrong on so many levels that each issue needs to be individuality investigated and disclosed to the American public. The poll is just a way for news organisations to confirm their bias slant on politics. In the case of ABC and NBC it is all part of the Obama smoke screen to obscure what is really happening in the bowels of a socialist White House. ie The Buffet rule, the contraception issue and the oil company subsidies this is the societal division policy of the Obama Administration and each of these talking points has a BS poll attached to it to support the hypocritical progressive agenda.


  6. Hon. Dr. Harlan A. Hanna, Ph.D. Says:

    I disagree with the first analysis and perception of the Obama Administration and Jugernaut. Millions of American citizens, and many of them naive, still do NOT get the message. Obama was allowed to be put there by whom?? God himself. Not possible. Oh yes, “nothing” happens unless God “allows” it or commands it. Nothing. Then why? Several reasons: 1) God is trying to show us how far down on His measuring stick we (America) have fallen, 2) TO GET US, TO CAUSE US TO PRAY, TO HUMBLE OURSELVES, TO REPENT (2 Chronicles
    7: 14 and some other Bible verses). This nation was founded and inscribed (our founding documents) on a belief in God. ( 3) And several others. Are we that dense?? Yes…if we don’t believe and understand that principle! Is it too late? NO, but we have a long way to go. Patriots–IT IS NOT A DEMOCRATIC THINK, NOT A REPUBLICAN THING, NOT AN INDEPENDENT THING, NOT AN INTELLECTUAL/LOGIC THING. *****IT IS A GOD THING***** Please sign me Cobraseal2343hanna@yahoo.com


  7. nicedeb Says:

    I thought the headline for this post (and the accompanying graphic) was pretty obvious satire – but maybe not, huh?


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