About Those Obama Basketballs…

You already saw this story, I’ll warrant. Another embarrassing example of Obama cult-of-personality on display and with POTUS shamelessly playing along…

It’s no secret that Obama is seeking a return to the  “cool” of his 2008 campaign 

“I know that it’s not going to be exactly the same as when I was young and vibrant and new,” he said at a fundraiser last year. “And there was — posters everywhere, hope. The logo was really fresh. And let’s face it, it was cool to support me back then. At cocktail parties, you could sort of say, ‘Yeah, this Obama guy, you haven’t heard of him? Let me tell you about him.’”

– but how cool is shooting hoops with a ball that has his own mug on it and missing seven shots in a row?

The following video from left wing Politico shows the bricker-in-chief clanking four shots before finally making more. Prior to this, and not shown in the video to embarass Obama even more was him missing three shots with NBA players and Harlem Globetrotters players.

The whole thing turned out to be a public relations fiasco…with one reporter saying, “Apparently, the basketball lesson doesn’t include instruction in humility.”

There’s an asterisk now on Tapper’s headline: Jake Tapper: Hoopster In Chief Has Own Image on Ball* Why the asterisk,  Jake?

*This post has been updated with information that the balls were supplied by the NBA/WNBA players at the event.

Ohhh…..I’m guessing someone from the WH press office contacted Tapper, and asked him to update his post with that information so Obama wouldn’t look like such a narcissistic putz. Well. Sorry.  He still looks like a narcissistic putz. He didn’t have to use the Obama basketballs. He could have said, nope –  this crap ends right now – today. No more of this  creepy cult of personality iconography is going to be tolerated from this day forward. No thank you to Obama images on flags, basketballs, clocks, Chia heads, flip flops, soda, soap on a rope, perfume, jack-in-the boxes or anything else – this is the United States, damn it – not North Korea.

But no….it’s all tolerated and even encouraged. Obama can’t help it if he’s so popular and cool that people keep wanting to have his image and iconography adorning every-day objects…like even spatulas – sold on his own campaign website.

It continues to be kinda tricky balancing the cool with the creepy.



14 thoughts on “About Those Obama Basketballs…

  1. “*This post has been updated with information that the balls were supplied by the NBA/WNBA players at the event.”

    ‘Cause it’s just something they’ve done for every President, …

    …since 2008.


  2. Wow, who cares. Does it really matter if there’s Obama pictured on those basketballs. For real? Do people really care about non-issues like this one? Nothing better to do? BTW, ask to all those ones who actually got to meet the President in person and everyone is saying he’s a down-to-earth guy and you can talk to him about anything, so he must not be the out-of-touch guy you WANT to believe he is. Oh wait, religious nuts like Santorum or boring as hell people like Romney would be so much better..LOL..while we’re at it, let’s go back to the worst presidency ever, the Bush’s one!!

    No, Republicans prefer focusing on non-issues such as a basketball with Obama’s face pictured on it.

    No comment.


  3. That was a pretty long “no comment”.
    Ask yourself what you would have thought during the Bush years if GW’s face was turning up on all sorts of merchandise, including American flags. And don’t be so intellectually dishonest as to say that you wouldn’t find it creepy and inappropriate.


  4. Does it really matter if there’s Obama pictured on those basketballs. For real?

    Only from the clumsy “cult of personality” aspect.

    But then, I am agast at the thought that someone…anyone…is so enamored of this responsibility shirking, devisive failure that they would want to pay for the priviledge of owning memorabilia with the symbol of his hoax and chains [of debt], let alone any image of him other than him boarding Nighthawk One to begin an undeserved life of punditry.


  5. How cool to be able to smack someone’s “face” onto the pavement each time cause it was printed on the basketball ?…..Oopsie…knee jerk reaction.


  6. I am thinking I would prefer a soccer ball so I could kick it. Just Kidding!!!

    But I agree, I can’t stand the cult of personality thing. And by the way Andrew, I wouldn’t like it if were a republican. I think that type of “worship” of a politician is very unhealthy for our type of government. We are not meant to have long lasting love relationship with our leaders. We are supposed to question them and their policies. Blind following of any leader is a very dangerous thing.


  7. It’s not the basketball thing per se, Andrew, it’s the entire cult/worship thing. The guy has a wonderful public personality (from what I understand, that is quite different from what he says about the “public” in private), but a cult has grown around him that is at least as scary as the cult that grew around Hitler or Jim Jones, into a worship of their leader.

    And THAT’S why we pay attention to the stupid things like basketballs, hoping that some people will snap out of their calf-eyed love for the one who would destroy this once-great nation.


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