Justice Dept. To Sponser Islamist Convention

I really, really wish this was just Uncle Jimbo from Blackfive, goofing again, but the source is The Washington Times, which is really quite impeccable.

The Justice Department is co-sponsoring a convention held by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) — an unindicted co-conspirator in an ongoing federal terrorist funding case — a move that is raising concerns among the Justice’s rank and file.

I should say…

 the sponsorship will involve sending government lawyers to man a booth for the Labor Day weekend event in Illinois.

You can learn more about the ISNA at Discover The Networks:

ISNA focuses heavily on providing Wahhabi theological indoctrination materials to a large percentage of the 2,500+ mosques in North America. Many of these mosques were recently built with Saudi money and are required, by their Saudi benefactors, to strictly follow the dictates of Wahhabi imams — an edict that affects the tone and content of the sermons given in the mosques, the selection of books and periodicals that may be read in mosque libraries or sold in mosque bookshops, and the policies governing the exclusion or suppression of dissenters from the congregations.

Gateway Pundit has an excellent example of Saudi Wahhabi theological love, being practiced in Mecca.

What. the. hell. are they thinking?


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