GOP Activists Rooting For Hillary

The Politico reporting from the biennial Midwest Republican Leadership Conference, noticed that as unenthused as Republicans are about our own party’s candidates, they seem “confident and even upbeat ” about a Clinton win of the Democratic nomination.

That doesn’t surprise me at all. What I have found surprising is the gloomy mood, I’ve been detecting in Republican circles concerning our prospects for ’08. Why, with her history?

GOP Chair, Craig Dunn got excited when asked if Clinton being the nominee would improve his party’s chances:

“Absolutely, absolutely!” he exclaimed animatedly, grinning widely. “We’ve never elected a president of the United States who started off with 45 percent unfavorable ratings!”

The woman carries a huge amount of baggage with her everywhere she goes, and although much of the voting public have short memories….that’s what 527 groups are for.

In a multimedia presentation to the most diehard of GOP heartland activists, RNC Chair Mike Duncan played and replayed a video of Clinton talking about the economy in a manner he claimed smacked of “socialism.”

Use it!

when Duncan wrapped up his treatment of the Democratic presidential hopefuls, it was only Clinton that he admonished for being “one of only 22 senators to vote against [Supreme Court Chief Justice] John Roberts” and trying “to block” Samuel Alito’s Supreme Court nomination.

Use it!

And only she, as Duncan told it, “blasted the Supreme Court decision on partial-birth abortion.”

Use. it.

There’s a wealth of negative information about Hillary in the countless books written about her, starting with, in alphabetical order by author, Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House, by Gary Aldrich to Madame Hillary: The Dark Road to the White House, by R. Emmett Tyrell, and Mark Davis.

Use it use it use it!
People need to hear about every lie, scandal, and dirty trick in embarrassing detail.

Asked which way she was leaning, one local Republican who didn’t want her name used hemmed and hawed before blurting out, “Anybody but Hillary!”

That wasn’t me, but it could have been.

It could have been a whole lotta people.


The Wall Street Journal has uncovered some very shifty fundraising practices for Hillary. Allah thinks it can be explained away. Ace doesn’t.

This is getting good!:

This top Clinton supporter, Norman Hsu, implicated in the fundraising ‘irregularities’ the Wall Street Journal uncovered, turns out to be a “fugitive Swindler”!

“He is a fugitive,” said Ronald Smetana of the California attorney general’s office. “Do you know where he is?”

Love it! Love it! Love it!


82 thoughts on “GOP Activists Rooting For Hillary

  1. If by sae, you meant sane, and Bae, you meant base, I would disagree.

    First of all, that would be insane, by definition, and I think the base understands the consequences. It’s the lukewarm we need to worry about.

    That’s why it’s so important to remind people in the form of negative ads, what we’re up against.


  2. I was thinking this weekend about this concept of punishing the Republicans by sitting out elections.

    Does part of that punishment include rewarding Dems for their actions? Because, based on the conventional wisdom about the last elections, many Dems are convinced that they won in 2006 as a reward for their wonderful work as “loyal opposition to the BusHitler regime.” Is that really what these people wanted? Give power to idiots who think more bogus investigations of assorted White House staff is good governance?

    So while those that sat out the last election may feel that they have punished the Republicans, they have also emboldened the Dems. Excellent. That’s some damn fine work there, gang. If you can’t have absolutely everything you ask for, then just take your ball and go home. Brilliant. Isn’t this the exact same kind of immature behavior that we are constantly accusing the left of exhibiting?

    The wrong message is sent when you sit out elections. Or at least you allow others define your message for you, which is even worse. So while I may not be 100% in love with the Republican candidate, I will never reward a Democrat with my vote (or my lack of a vote for their opponent) until they grow up and start acting like adults, instead of whiny, annoying spoiled little brats.

    (I did vote for Lieberman, btw.)


  3. missed ya, man. Really, really missed ya.

    You’ll be surprised at how much I look like a big huge fat chick.
    Posted by: Rosetta at February 08, 2007 02:16 PM


  4. Now that we have that out of the way, wiserbud, I agree with your “punish your guy = award the other guy” argument.

    It is my opinion that we all need to vote for the candidate that best represents our ideals and then, once that poor bastard is elected, beat him about the head and neck so that he governs like a conservative.

    As an aside, you know it must suck being married to one of those people that won’t vote in order to protest the lack of an ideal candidate.

    I’m positive they are insufferable, nit-picking, nagging whining, pouting, poopy-pants crybabies. Those usually aren’t the best people to marry. Usually.

    Unless they’re hot.


  5. Hahahaha. You bastard. Excellent retort.

    Does Nice Deb have any trolls? Or is it only frustrated Ace commenters?

    I beat Nice Deb’s trolls argue about which teddy bear is cutest.



  6. What’s really frustrating about that concept is that the other side doesn’t play the same game. They will vote for anyone or anything (see Patrick Kennedy), regardless of their qualifications or shortcomings, as long as they have the proper letter behind their name.

    At this point, one of our greatest challenges is to out-number the enormous amount of people on the left who are going to come out in droves in support of the Dem candidate, whomever it may be. Their socialist dreamworld is so close they can almost taste it. I don’t think that right now is a good time to try to be teaching those on our team a lesson.

    That’s like benching your star quarterback for the Super Bowl game because he showed up late for his bed-check the night before.

    And speaking of hot:

    Madeleine Albright is the complete package. Beautiful, sexy AND politically astute.

    Posted by: Rosetta at March 30, 2007 05:14 PM (omkIU)


  7. Deb hasn’t really attracted many trolls yet. Generally, they don’t have the staying power required to to qualify as a quality troll, as Deb, as well as folks like Muslihoon and yer buddy JackStraw always step up to the plate and decimate them pretty quickly.

    I’ve got one who here who isn’t as much a troll as it is a clueless, humorless little turd who tends to think he’s soooo much smarter than everyone else, while ignoring any and all proof to the contrary.

    I’m pretty sure that it will eventually tire of making itself out to be a complete and utter buffoon and move on to yet another Very Important Weblog™ to expose it’s stunning ignorance there.


  8. wiserbud, do you have your own blog too? I get busy for a few months and everyone gets delusions of grandeur.

    I know Ace’s comment jalopy kept breaking down and I guess that caused frustration with others besides me.


  9. not mine, Wickedpinto’s. I’m just one of his lackeys. Ya know, keeping the place clean, throwing up a post or two when the owner is otherwise incapacitated…

    That kind of thing.


  10. So since I stopped paying close attention, Sinistar, you, Nice Deb, Wickedpinto and Dave in Texas have all started blogging??

    What the hell. Was this because everyone got pissed at Ace’s technical problems?

    I want one place to go so I can make fun of you all at once!


  11. Dave in Texas has had his blog for a least a year, now.

    I started this one by mistake. I was trying to get posting rights on The Hostages, and wordpress gave me my own blog.

    My first couple of posts were “This Is Stupid”, and “I Hate My Blog”.

    Then I posted a picture of me in my swimming pool, and um, all of a sudden there was a surge of interest.

    Eventually, I decided it was fun, and just kept on doing it.


  12. Ace’s is still pretty much the center of this little universe, but, sadly, a lot of other blogging activity is going on that seems to pull the regulars away. And the technical problesm are few and far between lately (of course, you still need to adapt to the new comments thingy, ya luddite, as that’s all there is now.)

    S’funny, but Deb only started this place as a goof, when ‘Pinto asked her to contribute to his blog. She had to get a WordPress account in order to do that, which came with a blog address, so she just sorta went crazy and became a smart blogger.

    Makes the rest of us look bad, but at least she’s enjoying herself, little Pookiefoofie that she is.


  13. “My first couple of posts were “This Is Stupid”, and “I Hate My Blog”.”


    Accidental blogger. That’s hilarious! Good for you NiceDeb. I REALLY wish I was around for the “I Hate My Blog” post. Damn!

    And I like how you act shocked about the interest generated by your picture.

    Men….complex; hard to figure out…


  14. Deb, if you mean the font differences between your words and your blockquotes, it’s part of your theme in WordPress. To tweak a theme, you have to pay them some money to play with your site’s style sheet. And it’s still a little loose. That’s what finally made me leave the free site and buy an URL.

    And I voted for LINC FREAKING CHAFEE in ’04, so don’t nobody lecture me about voting pragmatically. I’m still smarting about it.


  15. Yo, Rosetta!
    When did you get parole? Do you have to meet your parole officer everyday, or can you make it to Boston on Sept 15th for the Acepalooza?


  16. Nicedeb,
    you have become quite an enthusiastic blogger. I do check out this blog from time to time, but don’t usually comment much. With Dave, slublog, you, sinistar, cranky (Balance Sheet), Cuffy, S Weasel, IB, Purple, Moral Authority and The Hostages, it is getting a bit out of hand to keep track. Oh, and RWS has started blogging again too.


  17. You’ll be surprised at how much I look like a big huge fat chick.
    Posted by: Rosetta at February 08, 2007 02:16 PM

    Wrong. I won’t be surprised at all.


  18. TUSHAR!!!!! Hi buddy! I hope you’ve been well. Are you still brown?

    I would love to go to Acepalooza but I’m getting married in October and I’m not spending a weekend of my last month of bachelorhood watching wiserbud awkwardly solicit a crossdressing transgendered hermaphrodite in some Boston bar.

    If there is an Acepalooza II next year however, I’m in.

    Or maybe that will be the first NiceDebpalooza.


  19. Bah, I don’t know much about much. Never stopped me from talking.
    Posted by JackStraw at January 16, 2007 10:36 PM

    True dat….true dat…


  20. YaaaaY!!!! Rosetta is getting married!!!!!
    Congratulations, and welcome to the club!

    PS: Yes, I am still quite brown. Although President Bush mistakes that for me being ‘in the shadows’.


  21. watching wiserbud awkwardly solicit a crossdressing transgendered hermaphrodite in some Boston bar.

    Wait, I thought you said you weren’t going to be there?


  22. Rosetta, Wiserbud,
    you two are still at each other’s throats! Why can’r you kiss and make up.

    Wait! Wait! No!
    Don’t kiss! ewwww!


  23. you two are still at each other’s throats!

    It’s like he never left, isn’t it?

    So, gimp, how’s it feel to be out of the box after so long?


  24. Congrats Rosetta!
    There is a NiceDebpalooza that same weekend in Oklahoma City. So far it’s just NiceDeb and me.
    Rosetta, Tushar is the father-to-be for two of the cutest lil brown babies to be born. I think they’re due just before AceApalooza, as in any time now.


  25. >>Ugh, leave it to Tushar to say something profoundly inappropriate!

    You are welcome, Nicedeb!
    Some occasions call for profoundly inappropriate gestures, and I am the right person to do it!


  26. Congratulations all around!! Tushar, you should have a comment contest to name your kids. I have some good ideas.

    Speaking of “in the shadows”, are you one of those who will do jobs that Americans won’t do or are you one of the Americans who won’t do those jobs? I forget.

    And I am indeed marrying a woman, JackStraw, you rat bastard.


  27. you should have a comment contest to name your kids.

    s’been done. In fact, I think “wiserbud and rosetta” was one of the top vote-getters.

    Of course, as Tush is probably hoping his kids turn out straight, I think that suggestion was aggressively removed from the table immediately.


  28. Rosetta,
    writing great software and keeping Wall Street humming is unfortunately one of those jobs Americans won’t do. Thus they have to import brownies like me on H1B visa.

    Thanks, but no thanks on the name suggestions. I don’t want those little boys traumatized.


  29. Sinistar,

    As a male-lesbian I can marry who or whatever I want.

    And I should have figured there was already a comment contest to name Tushar’s babies.

    When Nice Deb gets pregnant with child number 14 we can do another contest.


  30. I’m not positive but I think Nice Deb has pj momma beat by a batallion or two.

    Nice Deb must have superpowered eggs ‘n’ tubes. Or something.


  31. Six.
    A mere six kids, people.

    Has anyone seen PJ momma, lately?

    I think she may have changed her name.

    Tushar would know, he’s got everyone’s hash at AOSHQ memorized.


  32. Sinistar,
    I know that and use the same encoding. I just copied Rosetta’s hash from your site, rather than hunt in AoS archives. I was not sure whether it was omkIU or 0mkIU.


  33. Nah, she was around for a whle after that, disappeared for a loong time, and then she dropped by once to comment on a single post at Ace’s. Oddly enough bbeck who’s also gone AWOL posted on that one too.


  34. >>And I am indeed marrying a woman, JackStraw, you rat bastard.

    Yea, um, whatever. So your going to be the “husband”. As long as you’re happy.

    I don’t judge. I point and snicker but I do not judge.


  35. Don’t make fun of Nice Deb’s blog, mesa. As I understand it, even SHE thinks this blog sucks.

    And I mean suck in the bad, JackStraw way.


  36. Geez, this blog has become the place where those that are not cool enough to hang out at IB end up.

    And those who don’t make the cut hang out at the Hostages.

    The rest? Stuck with AMA. It’s just plain sad over there, but at least they have someplace to go, so they can leave the rest of us in peace.


  37. >>And I mean suck in the bad, JackStraw way.

    What’s with the hostility. I congratulate you and wish you luck. I tell you I’m not going to judge you despite your sick, twisted ways. I’m sure you didn’t ask to be a freak.



  38. AMA, is that the blog that’s like a sleazy skid row urine soaked used refrigerator box?

    Rosetta, congratulations to you and your bride.


  39. “I’m sure you didn’t ask to be a freak. Bitch.”

    I’m glad to see that JackStraw still has a problem with strong women.


  40. geoff,

    I haven’t tasted troll blood (or been called a fascist-sheeple-chickenhawk) in a few months and I miss it.

    It makes me feel good inside to engage the insane.


  41. “AMA, is that the blog that’s like a sleazy skid row urine soaked used refrigerator box?

    Rosetta, congratulations to you and your bride.”

    Thanks cranky. Ironically we regsitered at Skid Row Urine Soaked Used Refrigerator Box Barn for the wedding.


  42. Good to hear from you, Rosetta, and congrats on the pending nuptials.

    I would love to give you a wedding present, but, um, I bought Geoff dinner last week in Denver and I’m a little short right now. That guy eats like a hog.


  43. That’s okay Michael. One of the other items on our wedding registry was dinner for Geoff in Denver so I’ll take that off our list.



  44. I bought Geoff dinner last week in Denver and I’m a little short right now. That guy eats like a hog.

    I think it was the drinking like a fish that did you in. And my beloved with her hollow leg. And then there was Mr. Matamoros…

    Thanks again for treating us all, and curse you for totally acing me out on the check.


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