La Raza Threatens To Cancel 2009 KC Convention

Boo frickin’ hoo.

They are protesting 73 year old Frances Semler’s appointment on the Parks and Rec Board because of her membership in The Minutemen Project, which I wrote about, here.

We’re supposed to be upset about this because the city stands to lose millions of dollars in revenue if “The Race” chooses not to come.

Councilman Terry Riley:

“I think this is a serious issue,” he said. “The city could lose $15 million.”

Remember, La Raza are the people who find it offensive and a violation of their rights that the U.S. has immigration laws.

Janet Murguía, head of La Raza:

“It is very troubling that we would be in a position to reconsider but in fact we are,” Murguía said during a trip to Kansas City. “I don’t know there is a way short of her stepping down that we could salvage this. This is offensive on many levels. We want the mayor to understand it is something that sends a very wrong signal to the Hispanic community about what the city represents.”

Again, boo fricken hoo. Off with you then!

The coolest part of it is that if they don’t come, they still will have to pay the city “as much as $70,000 for failing to meet its hotel room guarantee”.


7 thoughts on “La Raza Threatens To Cancel 2009 KC Convention

  1. Good job moving recent comments up, Nice Deb. And I apologize for poking you with a stick earlier. You know I love you.

    Also, klan with a tan is funny shit. Did you make that up DIT?

    If so, give yourself one clap.


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