Not Your Average Church Bulletin

If you thought Obama’s Pastor, Reverend Wright seemed a bit unorthodox…you should check out Trinity United Church Of Christ’s church bulletin.

How often does the average church goer get to see sympathetic treatment of a terrorist manifesto printed in their Sunday bulletin? I have to be honest…I’ve never seen anything like that in my church’s bulletin. What a bunch of “crackers” we must be.

Aaron Klein at WND who broke the Black Panther story, has done it again:

Sen. Barack Obama’s Chicago church reprinted a manifesto by Hamas that defended terrorism as legitimate resistance, refused to recognize the right of Israel to exist and compared the terror group’s official charter – which calls for the murder of Jews – to America’s Declaration of Independence.

The Hamas piece was published on the “Pastor’s Page” of the Trinity United Church of Christ newsletter reserved for Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., whose anti-American, anti-Israel remarks landed Obama in hot water, prompting the presidential candidate to deliver a major race speech earlier this week.

Hamas, responsible for scores of shootings, suicide bombings and rocket launchings against civilian population centers, is listed as a terrorist group by the U.S. State Department.

The revelation follows a recent WND article quoting Israeli security officials who expressed “concern” about Robert Malley, an adviser to Obama who has advocated negotiations with Hamas and providing international assistance to the terrorist group.

In his July 22, 2007, church bulletin, Wright reprinted an article by Mousa Abu Marzook, identified in the newsletter as a “deputy of the political bureau of Hamas.” A photo image of the newsletter was captured and posted today by the business blog BizzyBlog. The Hamas piece was first published by the Los Angeles Times, garnering the newspaper much criticism.

Read the whole thing.

Not to beat a dead horse…but is Obama through yet?


See Atlas Shrugs whacking away at Obama and his pals at La Raza. Are there any pinko groups this man hasn’t sidled up to?

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