Props To Hillary

I said last night that from the Republican point of view, Obama should be the preferred candidate to go up against McCain, this fall. Hillary has proven to be a stronger candidate than most of us would have imagined, or as I put it:

She is a ruthless, and determined opponent who fights like a cornered animal when the going gets tough.

S. Weasel chimed in (in the comments):

I hate myself for even forming this thought, but I think I’m actually starting to admire Hillary for this display of pugnacious stubbornness.

Hillary is getting some grudging respect others from on the right, this morning, too. Lisa Schiffren at The Corner, and Michael Goldfarb from The Weekly Standard are two conservative pundits who can’t help but admire her pluck.

Lisa Schiffren:

It is clear that Obama can’t win the Reagan Democrats — for reasons that are cultural rather than specifically racial. The consensus on cable is that there will be massive defections of Hillary voters to McCain in November if Obama is the nominee. What is astonishing is that Hillary Clinton can win them. She has transformed her image pretty thoroughly from the Wellesley bluestocking who will tell us all what’s good for us, to a much more down to earth seeming champion of the little guy. (Image. Not policies.)

Michael Goldfarb:

Hillary Clinton’s convincing Pennsylvania victory is the third consecutive back-to-the-wall big-state win she’s managed (following on Ohio and Texas seven weeks ago). She’s done this despite being outspent by Obama, and with most of the Democratic establishment and the media rooting against her. In all, about 16 million people have voted for her so far in this nominating contest. That’s the most votes any presidential candidate has ever gotten in any primary cycle of either party.

So some grudging respect is in order. Some gratitude, too for the favor she’s doing McCain.

Stanley Kurtz is calling her “McCain’s Stalking Horse”:

If Hillary can’t win the nomination—and it’s clearly very, very hard for her—she’s basically a stalking horse for McCain. She’s preparing the demographic ground for McCain, by getting white working-class Democrats used to (if you will) not voting for Obama. And she’s softening Obama up for McCain, prodding at and exposing her fellow Democrats’ weaknesses. The only way she can stop the super-delegates’ drift to Obama is conclusively making the case that she’s more electable. Given the fall-out from Bosnia, on top of her negatives to begin with, she’s probably never going to be strong enough to do that. And as long as Obama just seems sort of weak—but not catastrophically so—I think super-delegates will perversely be more inclined to declare for him quickly. They’ll want to protect him and stop the nomination race before even more of his vulnerabilities become evident.

As fun as this drawn out primary fight has been, I think I’d like to see it wrap up in Obama’s favor quickly myself.

But that does not seem to be in the cards.

Cartoon via Funnies.

9 thoughts on “Props To Hillary

  1. Granted Mrs. Clinton is pugnacious. She stuck with her cad for husband for what thirty years. I will stipulate that Mrs. Clinton is also a policy wonk. Yet a pugancious wonk does not a president make.

    Mrs. Clinton is down right stupid. She has her policy preference, and is blind to either alternative her prefered policy or that cost of her policy. Further she views all who oppose her policy preference as viillains and believes she prevail by slaying her villians.

    Thus Mrs. Clinton cants energy indepence while opposins drilling in ANWR but supporting a windfalll profits tax. She seems to believe if her villians, in this case big oil, are just punished enough the world price of oil will somehow drop.

    She believes she can scare the moolahs in Iran not to attack Israel by threatening to wipe the population of Iran, as if the moolahs actually cared about the people of Iran.

    Mrs. Clinton believes she can provide universal health care by punishing the drug and insurance companies.

    Mrs. Clinton is too idealogy blind to be president.


  2. its interesting that hillary picked up the reagan democrats from the “t-section” of pennsylvania. that would be worrisome for mccain in the fall if she is the candidate for the dems. great post.


  3. Oh, god, no…she’d be a horrible president. Worst of all is the circus of corruption that follows the Clintons around; we can’t let that monster anywhere near the White House again. We’re still dealing with the fallout from last time.

    It’s just…the sheer, dogged determination. I wish a politician I liked had that kind of grit.


  4. Your post reminded me of what I said back in January:

    She’s running to the right on the issues, but running to the left in her campaign persona. Let’s face it, Hill, you’re not a touchy-feely type of liberal. You are a smart, aggressive, ambitious, kick-ass liberal. No more of this “conversation with America” pap, OK? It’s OK to be tough, as long as you’re tough for the causes your voters care about.

    Instead of running to the right on the issues, and to the left on personality, she needs to run to the left on the issues, and to the right on personality. So Hillary needs to forget about beating Obama on security and foreign policy, and instead go toe-to-toe with him on social issues as the tough liberal she truly is. There’s plenty of time to drift more to center on the issues after the nomination is won.


  5. It does seem that Obama has two constituencies: blacks and guilt-wracked white liberals. Hillary’s appeal seems to be broader but shallower. If the White House goes to the Dems, I’d rather it be to Hillary. Sure, it would be a return to Clintonian politics, but let’s face it- Obama would be a friggin disaster. He’d make Carter look smart.


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