Free Willy

The owner of a strip club in Denver has thought of an amusing way to drum up business while the Democratic Convention is in town:

Photo by Alan Gathright, Rocky Mountain News

I have no idea what made them think of doing this:

“Bill Clinton, 3 nights only — (Aug.) 25, 26, 27,” the strip club’s sign on busy Colorado Boulevard declares, referring to the looming Democratic National Convention and the former president who attracted some infamy with his long ago relationship with a White House intern.

The sign’s other side says: “Welcome Democratic National Convention.”

Clearly, it’s a tongue-and-cheek bid for customers amid the 50,000 delegates, journalists and other visitors drawn by the presidential-nominating fest.

Tongue and cheek? Yeah, I suppose…but I can easily picture him in the audience….with his saxophone…hoping to be invited up on stage.

Hat tip: Lucianne

Sword Wielding Man Tased THREE Times To No Avail

Something tells me drugs were involved:

According to a police report, officers were called around 8 a.m. to Chevron, at 3355 E. Hammer Lane, on a report of a man threatening customers with a stick. When officers arrived, they saw Neel wielding a 5-foot-long homemade sword. He seemed to be welcoming a violent confrontation. Police say Neil shouted at officers “shoot me” and “I want blood!”

Police made three attempts to stop Neil with a stun gun but to no avail. An officer then shot Neil with non-lethal rounds. “it’s like being hit by a major league fastball at about 90 miles per hour,” said officer Pete Smith of the Stockton Police Department.

The troubled young man had visited this same gas station before:

In early July, police said, Neil invaded the same gas station and threatened to kill employees with a railroad spike.

He’s being charged with assault with a deadly weapon, and is being held in lieu of $559,000 bail.

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC