How The 2 Code Pinkos Were Able To Get In The RNC Xcel Center

They weren’t arrested because they did nothing illegal:

What do you want to bet that it was a couple of Ron Paul delegates that gave them the tickets?

BTW, that blurry picture shown towards the end of the video of the Code Pinko “interrupting Obama”, (to prove that they’re “equal opportunity” assholes) looks pretty congenial to me…they look like they could be buds, but whatever.

Simon v.s. Simon

In case there’s any confusion.

One Simon has the self awareness of a toilet seat, as Slublog notes at AoSHQ.

The other one gets it.

Okay, it’s almost three in the morning here in Minneapolis and I am  about as dog tired as I have ever been, but I couldn’t resist putting in my two cents on Sarah Palin’s performance tonight, since I saw it live.  In all my years writing movies, going to drama school, etc., I have almost never seen anything so dramatic.  It was the rebirth of Frank Capra for our times – Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington.  This woman is a star and a star of the American kind we have not seen for years.  She really is born live from a Capra movie, from the days Hollywood told stories about the greatness of our country.  I don’t agree with her about with her about everything but so what?  I don’t agree with anybody about everything except, luckily for me, my wife.  But Sarah Palin is a force of nature. Like a Jimmy Stewart character channeled by Claudette Colbert.

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Big Obama Bundler And Code Pinko Tries To Storm Stage During Palin’s Speech

Pinkos: Still crazy after all these years

Don’t look now, but another one of Obama’s pals just unwittingly made an ass of herself, and inspired some more charges of “guilt by association”.

After all, Obama can’t help it if the more cretinous and vile members of American society tend to support him.

But wait…that name, Jodie Evans rings a bell…where have I heard it before?:

As was widely reported back in April:

The head of a radical group that funds and supports Islamic terrorists as well as an America-bashing South American socialist leader has bundled more than $50,000 for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

Jodie Evans, co-founder of the anti-war group Code Pink, is a huge Obama supporter who has personally given his campaign the federal limit ($2,300) and continues to collect big bucks—$50,000 and counting—from friends and associates in an effort to help the Illinois senator, a favorite among Latin American socialist leaders, move into the White House.

Once again in June, The Politico reported:

A co-founder of the anti-war group Code Pink, which has made a name for itself by interrupting hearings on Capitol Hill, is a fundraising bundler for Barack Obama.

Jodie Evans has pledged to raise at least $50,000 for Obama, according the Democrat’s campaign site.

According to research being circulated by GOP sources, Evans has a record of inflammatory statements such as saying that women were better off in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, “Men are dying in their Hummers in Iraq so you can drive around in yours” and, my favorite, that the invasion of Iraq amounted to “global testosterone poisoning.”

Sweetness and Light has more on Evans:

Jodie Evans is a radical activist and Democratic fundraiser best known as the co-founder (along with Diane Wilson, a Wiccan calling herself Starhawk, and Global Exchange’s Medea Benjamin) of Code Pink for Peace. Evans also works closely with Leslie Cagan, the pro-Castro leader of United For Peace and Justice.

Yep, that’s Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez She’s embracing.

Obama doesn’t have to accept money raised by anti-American crackpots.

Yet he does.

Hat tip, and more at: Gateway Pundit


Video: How the Pinkos managed to get in the Xcel Energy Center

Video:Sarah Palin’s RNC Acceptance Speech

Historic. She absolutely nailed it:

Part 2:

Part 3:

This race is now McCain’s to lose.

Reactions to the speech at Ace of Spades HQ, where you can add your own creative description, such as:

Sarah Palin = Giant effing asteroid
Obama = Dinosaurs

Sarah Palin = King Henry the VIII

Obama = A turkey drumstick

Obama = Hiroshima

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Palin = Enola Gay



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