One Student Speaks Out…

Fox News reports:

An English teacher at Denver’s Metropolitan State College is being investigated by the college for bias, bullying and harassment after he gave students in his class an assignment to “undermine” the Republican portrayal of vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Metropolitan State College spokeswoman Cathy Lucas told that the college has not received a formal complaint against Andrew Hallam, a professor who asked students to write an essay that would contradict the portrayal of Sarah Palin’s life as a “fairy tale,” but the school is asking students who know more to come forward.

“We strongly encourage the students to come forward if they felt they were bullied or harassed,” Lucas said. “We take all complaints seriously. For it to be a full investigation we really need to hear from the students.”

Janet Barber, a smart, patriotic, attractive, poised, and articulate young woman came forward:

Hallam did not immediately respond to an e-mailed request for an interview with

“Our college attorney has been talking to the professor and the department chair to find out from the professor’s perspective what happened,” Lucas said.

Well, if worst comes to worst, he can always join Ward Churchill on the lecture circuit, to discuss the “Not So Friendly Fascism” of college campus administrations.

But most likely, he’ll be allowed to stay right where he is, to pollute impressionable young minds with more radical, Marxist agitprop.

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