Dems Very Pleased With Themselves

You’re welcome, your welcome…..just doing the people’s business!

Um, guys? You and your ilk are the ones that helped cause the crisis, and now you’re patting yourselves on the back because of the shit-sandwich you’re foisting onto the American people to clean up your mess?


Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

After this, we need to demand humility from Congress on economic policy.  Government-imposed “fairness” led to this catastrophe, and we’ll pay the price for the Community Reinvestment Act and the manipulations of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for a generation.  Had we allowed the market to work normally, this never would have happened.

Humility from the Democrats? Yeah…that’s going to happen.

Credit where it is due:

John Boehner: “And, I think I’ve been clear to many of you that without John McCain supporting me at the White House when I said, “Woah, woah, time out,” they would have run over me like a freight train and I’m grateful for his support.”

Thank you John McCain. No wonder they were shrieking like banshees, when you came to town and threw cold water on all of their nefarious plans;

“Wah….wah….there goes our ACORN, and LA RAZA boondoggle….I’M MELTING I’M MELTING”!!11!!


3 thoughts on “Dems Very Pleased With Themselves

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  3. Doesn’t look like it’s passing – wonder if their frowns be as big as their smiles…were they smiling because they were getting more control? Wish I had more time to do a Photoshop rework on that photo above.


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